How to pm laptop app download? PM laptop scheme registration date

What is pm laptop app/scheme?

On the occasion of PM Modi being chosen as the Prime Minister again, Class 8, 10, and 12th students have been deemed eligible to apply for free laptops.

A total of 2 crore laptops have been promised and as per record, almost 30 lakh laptops have already been applied for.

Some people are even claiming the scheme is fake, however, there is a way to apply for it.

No such scheme has been stated to have ever been started by the Central Government.

How to pm laptop app download?

How to pm laptop app download

There is no app facility and the website portal just takes you to the form you’re supposed to fill up.

PM laptop scheme 2021 registration date

There is no such scheme and so there is no last date of registration mentioned. In fact, some state government boards have a registration facility for free laptops like Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

The registration date for the PM laptop scheme?

There is no registration date for the PM laptop scheme as of now, since this does not seem to be a declared scheme by the central government.

How to get free laptop registration form online?

The portal for PM Modi laptop Yojana is to be referred for PM Modi free laptop registration. 

  • Name, age, and address plus school name and details also need to go in.
  • You would then be asked to answer two questions- whether you already have a laptop and if you can spread the word to others.
  • Once you have answered both the questions you will be shown a registration completion message.
  • You will also get a registration number in the end but then that does not take you anywhere.

How do I apply for the prime minister laptop scheme?

Free laptop registration link is not a real scheme and the same has been validated through Twitter and other platforms. The Central government is not aware of any such scheme.

How can I get a free laptop from the government?

Application for free laptops from the government is not available however, the same scheme is being run by several states under various state run schemes which are offering free laptops to the ones who cannot afford to have it.

Is it real or fake?

The PM laptop scheme has been deemed fake and so far, no clarification about its authenticity is received from the state government.


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