How to Play Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Online? Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 02:24 pm

Welcome to the famous Plants vs Zombies Heroes game. It is an award-winning game and there are so many series or parts of the game that are made by the same developer and all of them are famous and loved by gamers.

Today, I will come up with its series plants Vs Zombies Heroes online which is amazing and full of adventure.

I will give you every single detail about this game.

How to Play Plants Vs Zombies Heroes

plants vs zombies free game

This game allows you to choose between plants and zombie heroes, unlike its other series. They have added these features to this game.

You have to save the brain if you play the role of plants. You need to kill the zombies. Plants can shoot the zombies and kill them before they reach you.

Be alert and use strategies to kill them and earn coins to buy plant seeds. Use seeds to deploy your plant army and make your game stronger against the zombies.

If you select zombie heroes then you have to chase for the brain and destroy the plants. Use solar flare in the game to give 2 damages to the Zombie.

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Game Play Tips & Tricks

Collect your Heroes

You will get an option to choose between 20+ unique plants and Zombie heroes unlike other plants vs zombies games.

It’s your choice which one you wanna choose: a plant or zombie hero.

If you choose a plant then you will build your plant army to kill the zombies and if you choose zombie heroes then you have to chase for the brain.

In each case, you are going to enjoy the game because it is going to be full of entertainment and adventure.

Form Your Team

  • Making a strong team in this game is necessary to get the victory.
  • Collect your teammates from the character.
  • There are hundreds of options for you to discover and explore. Choose the right one that will be beneficial for you.
  • If you don’t know and are confused about choosing the team then you can choose the auto team builder to create your team within no time.
  • Try new strategies with your team and make plans for victory.
  • Also, upgrade your teammates with the best one or new unlocked.


  • The more you will move forward in the game.
  • The game will start getting tougher and full of adventure.
  • And we all know, if the level is not challenging then there is no fun in playing it.
  • You will face the boss in the up levels.
  • To defeat the boss, you need to apply all the strategies, powers, and plans. You have learned in this game.

Challenge your friends

  • Make your team stronger and test it by challenging your friends.
  • Defeat your friends in the game and earn scores and coins.
  • Playing with friends makes the game more interesting and entertaining unlike playing with bots.

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