How to Earn Money with Picxele App? (Payment Proof)

Picxele app is a work solution provider for on-demand scenarios. It connects companies with qualified and trained gig workers. With the current scenarios almost, all companies are trying out gig platforms to get their job done. With gig workers, companies are having to pay low wages and almost nil to low healthcare costs.

Picxele has three kinds of options to choose from- quests, offers and careers. Rishav Agarwal is the founder and CEO of Picxele.

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How to download Picxele app?

Downloading the Picxel is possible mainly on Android phones and the PC. 

To download the Picxele app on your Android device, simply go to the Google Playstore and search for the “Picxele: Perform Gigs and Tasks to Earn“.

Then click on the Install button and then wait for your app to get installed.

 How to EARN MONEY from Picxele App?

You can earn money from the Picxele app in the following ways.

– Quests: All gigs are posted here, so choose yours and get paid for it.

– Careers: It primarily is for those who are looking for job or internship opportunities and if someone wants to go for these, gig workers can try for these.

– Offers: It includes cashback and coupons from various brands so gig workers can instead get paid with them.

– Additionally, you can earn Rs.100/- by referring a friend.

– So go to the dashboard and select a job, post completing it, you can get paid for it which is directly transferred to your app wallet.

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How to withdraw money from the Picxele app?

To withdraw money from the app there is a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs.250. Next, you must enter your bank details to ensure your money is transferred correctly every time you redeem any amount. Once you click on the Redeem button you can easily transfer your money to your bank account.

Picxele app Payment Proof

After you claim your amount, you will get a message that your bank is credited with this much amount and also on the app site you will be getting a confirmation message that your money has been transferred to your account number.

App Review

Users who are earning from the app are leaving back very good reviews for the site. Most people are happy with the app’s performance and the founder is constantly working to improve the app’s performance.

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