How to Pflanzenerkennungs app Download | Pflanzenbestimmung App

What is Pflanzenerkennungs app?

 Pflanzenerkennungs is an app that is devised to record the identification of new plants. It is developed by institutes like IRD, INRA, Inria, and Cirad. The app was set up with the help of Tela Botanica which works in conjunction with the institutes. Agropolis Foundation supported the funding process.

All kinds of botanical specimens can be found at the click of the tab in its huge library of plant data and information. Additions to the already existing data are allowed by the company and the same is cross-verified from time to time by the workers. Plants are different in different geographical areas and searching for plants in a certain geographical area is also possible easily.

How to Pflanzenerkennungs app download?

Pflanzenbestimmung App

 Downloading the app can be easily done using the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Once you have searched for the app, you can either click on the Install button or the Get button to download and install the app in the system. Installation of the app is quick since the app in itself is lightweight in design.

How to use Pflanzenerkennungs app?

To use the app, one needs to follow the below process.

  • Once the app is downloaded you will have to open it and allow different required permissions like the camera, audio, and other such functions.
  • Click a picture of the plant or the flower you wish to identify using the camera icon of the app.
  • Now click on the search tab to get adequate results.
  • To search for the plant, you can also select images from the gallery.

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Different features of the app which has gained prominence since the app’s launch include.

  • All you need is the image of a plant and you can have all the information about it.
  • It shows the areas where the plant is widely prevalent
  • It gives all kinds of information about a plant like its sexual type, fertility & specification details.


Reviews about the app have been very positive. People have liked the huge gallery of information stored in the app about different varieties of plants.


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