How to Download Payworks Mobile App for Android & IOS [2024]?

What is the Payworks Mobile app?

Payworks is involved in providing aid for the management of total workforce solutions. They provide cloud-based payroll services, employee time and absence management facilities, and human resources, and also look into management solutions.

It has been awarded the Platinum Club Winner of Canada’s best-managed companies program 2019-2020.

payworks Mobile App for Android & IOS

Employing and managing self-service is possible with Payworks. Reporting people and managing analytics is also possible with the help of Payworks. One can also manage a global report writer and dashboard option to generate reports which are customized in every way.

How to USE Payworks Mobile APP?

The Payworks app is enabled on the web. It can be used without any issues on your smartphone as well as on your desktop. It has never been a need for a separate app.

With the platform, all you need to do is sync all the details. Using Payworks on any of your devices is possible without the app version. Payworks has also designed a feature whereby you can add it up as an icon flashing right on your phone interface. Opening and accessing it anytime is so much easier than it would have been with an app.

Android users can access the app in this way;

1) From the browser, click on the three dots.

2) From the menu, choose the ‘add to home screen’ tab.

3) On the screen, now you can find the Payworks icon.

For Apple users you can follow this way;

1) Click on the icon that helps perform multiple functions (a box with an arrow pointing upwards).

2) Tap on the ‘add to home screen’ present at the bottom bar on the pop-up.

3) Your home screen app is visible on your home screen.

APP Features

Tracking anyone’s day with the Payworks mobile app becomes easy. Apart from that, several other features come in handy with Payworks.

  • Tracking time management and absence management is easy with the app.
  • Managing an employee’s life cycle is easy with Payworks and one can track from the beginning till the end of one’s time in the company.
  • Posting a job, hiring a person, and simplifying the recruitment process is easier with the app.
  • Analyzing your company at a glance is extremely possible with the help of the app.

How to Download Payworks app for Android?

There is no need to download Payworks as you can easily integrate it on your Android device.

How to install Payworks mobile app for iPhone?

On iPhone, it can be integrated using the method displayed above.

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