How to Pay Dstv using Capitec app, USSD or Internet banking?

DSTV in South Africa brings home great entertainment options. You simply need to have a connection. Applying for DSTV is easy and so is the monthly bill payment requirement.

All you have to do is find out a way that suits you. You can pay using POS, USSD, internet banking, ATM, and bank payment options.

How to Pay Dstv using Capitec app

Online payments are permitted using a lot of ways. 

You can pay either through a bank or using any of the options mentioned here.

  • Use the Eazy online mobile wallet.
  • Now punch in your mobile number and the PIN.
  • If you do not have an Eazy money account, register with the Zenith Bank branch. 

How to pay dstv using capitec app?

If you are interested in knowing the steps for making online DSTV payments using the Capitec app, here they are.

  • Go to the transact tab and then move to the Payment options.
  • Using your secret remote PIN sign in to your Capitec app.
  • From the bottom portion of the screen choose the Add Beneficiary option.
  • Select Capitec registered tab and then enter the DSTV option.
  • Choose from the two options- Multichoice DSTV or Box Office DSTV.
  • Move to the next screen and then select the payment option.
  • Confirm by entering the remote PIN secretly.

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How to pay DStv using Capitec USSD?

Capitec is one of the banks apart from Discovery, Investec, and African Bank that do not offer USSD payment facilities.

Can I pay dstv using capitec mobile app & Online Banking?

Yes, you can pay using Capitec mobile app. Online banking payments are not well etched right now with the Capitec app.


To conclude, it can be safely confirmed that DSTV payments are facilitated using a lot of ways.

You simply need to find the most suitable payment method for yourself.

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