Watch Paramount Plus in Australia App on Samsung Smart Tv

With the Paramount plus app, you can now watch your favorite series and shows from Paramount Pictures.

Sign in using the help of your TV provider and then go for complete access.

The Paramount app is available across all platforms starting from iOS devices, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and also Amazon Fire TV.

Paramount plus australia app on samsung tv

How to Download Paramount plus app?

  • For iOS devices and Apple TV, download is possible from the Apple AppStore.
  • With Android Television, you can download Paramount using the Google Play Store.
  • For Roku try downloading it from the Roku Players and TV.
  • Use the Amazon AppStore for downloading Paramount TV.

How to watch paramount plus in Australia?

The new streaming service for Paramount is available with Paramount Plus in Australia. It would also own Australia’s very own Network 10 and will replace its online streaming access. You can also catch up on the Paramount plus Australia league in no time.

Simply download and install it on your devices as mentioned in this article and start tuning in.

It will cost AUD 8.99 per month.

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Paramount plus Australia app for Samsung smart tv

This is how you can use the Paramount plus app on your Samsung TV.

  • Launch the Paramount+ app on your Samsung TV.
  • Choose Sign up and an access code would be displayed on the screen.
  • Enter your access code and then activate the program on your Samsung TV.
  • Now opt for a subscription plan and then click on the Continue tab.
  • You would not be asked to create a Paramount+ account.
  • If you already possess an account, click to sign in.
  • Enter your payment information once you are signing up.
  • A confirmation screen can be seen and then go back to stream the movie.

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Paramount plus Australia release date

The Paramount plus Australia launch date was 11 August 2021. There is a 7-day free trial available with the app.

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