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Vipin Sahu-Recently, the paragliding video of a boy is gone viral. It is just booming on social media and people want to know his name and his profile.

In this article, I am going to reveal that internet sensation. The name of the boy is Vipin Sahu.

In this article, I will share everything about this social media celebrity like his age name story of getting viral, etc.

Read this article Vipin Sahu Paragliding Viral Video.

Vipin Sahu Paragliding Viral Video


  • Name- Vipin Sahu
  • Age- 24 years
  • Profession- Businessman
  • Marital status- Unmarried

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Vipin Sahu went to Manali with his friends to enjoy. And he decided to do paragliding.

Vipin said he had never done paragliding before and even he hasn’t done anything like before.

It was his first time when he did something like this. He also has a phobia of height.

If you don’t know about paragliding then let me tell you in paragliding, there is a parachute attached to the back of the person.

And after little running, that parachute takes the person in the sky at a very large height from the ground.

There is a one-man behind the person who is doing paragliding to guide.

When Vipin went to the sky, At the start he felt good but when he looked down.

He lost his mind after watching that much height and started telling the guider to land him right now and the dialogues are so funny.

He said, he is ready to give extra money but please make him land.

Even he started abusing himself and started saying that he did a big mistake of doing this paragliding.

At the time of landing, the guider told him to put his leg up otherwise his leg will break down but he is completely scared and not listening to the guider.

Guider started hitting his let and continuously saying that pick up his leg we are going to land.

In the end, he picked up his leg and they safely landed.

The whole incident was so funny and mind-blowing. It was full of entertainment.

Vipin recorded all this incent with the selfy stick and he told his friends to do not share this video and kept the video on his laptop.

But his little brother uploaded that video on Youtube and from there this video is gone viral and made Vipin Sahu star overnight.

People are making memes by using his video and he is getting more famous.

Now, news channels found him and also taking his interview and he told all his stories.

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