PAG-IBIG salary loan online application (Complete Guide)

What is PAG-IBIG salary loan online application?

If you are an active PAG-IBIG member, you can always apply for a quick loan with them. If you need loans for minor purposes, a short-term loan from PAB-IBIG can help you in a big way. However, there are some other requirements that you must fulfill to obtain the PAG-IBIG loan. The loan is payable for 24-months, and after 24 months, you can have more than two months as a grace period. There are several multi-purpose loans that you can apply for. Additionally, there are also other specific loans for which you can apply easily.

You can choose your loan type from the drop-down. There are quite a considerable number of loan types to choose from. Select the loan type and then add the Membership ID. Post validating the MID, you can start the loan application process quickly.

apply for PAG-IBIG salary loan online application

How to apply for PAG-IBIG salary loan online application?

To apply for the PAG-IBIG salary, you will have to fill in the loan application online for this year. 

  • Visit the PAG-IBIG site for downloading the application form.
  • Once you have filled-in the application form, you will need to email the application form to your fund coordinator or the company HR.
  • Additionally, attach the front and back of the photocopies of a valid ID, or other requirements if any.
  • The company representative would then email the STL application to the employer for confirmation.

what are the requirements for PAG IBIG salary loan?

There are several requirements to fulfill the PAG IBIG salary loan application.

  • One must be an active fund member of the PAG IBIG organization at the time of loan application.
  • The total fund savings must be ₱4800, or one must have had at least 24 months of membership with them by then.
  • You must be able to show a document proof for your income.
  • When applying, one must not have any default account with PAG-IBIG.
  • Membership savings contribution must be made within the last six months.

How to check virtual PAG-IBIG loan status?

To check the status of the PAG-IBIG loan, you will have to either call (02) 8724-4244 or chat with the bot in place. You can also email them at [email protected]

How to download PAG-IBIG loan form?

You can download the PAG-IBIG loan form from the given link.

How long does virtual PAG-IBIG loan application Takes?

The PAG-IBIG loan takes almost 15-20 days to get sanctioned.

can I apply for PAG-IBIG salary loan online?

Yes, you can apply for the loan through an online platform created for the loan applicants of PAG IBIG. 


Are you planning to apply for a PAG-IBIG loan? Apply for it and ensure you have read the article before going for a loan.


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