Ortak portal-How to Register & Use it? Features

The Ortak portal is a gateway to all Turkish government departments. You can download the Ortak portal and get to all government sites from here. The Health department is accessed very frequently in today’s times. The Ortak portal is a gateway in Turkey and is a must almost in every device.

How to register for Ortal Portal?

Simply download the Ortak portal and then register yourself.

Ortak portal-How to Register & Use it?
  • The registration process might vary slightly between different Turkish departments registered with the Ortak app. 
  • However, the basic process I restricted to entering your mail ID, phone number and your name. Some sites might ask you about your date of birth and age.
  • Different government identification numbers might also be entered for confirmation if required.

How to use it?

To use the Ortak portal, here are some points for you to follow. Ortak portal incorporates a lot of sites, and each of them operates slightly differently.

  • Create an ID and password for your portal requirements.
  • Make sure you have logged into the right Ortak portal since each one differs from the other in some way or the other.
  • After logging in, try to find out the functionality you are trying to explore- For COVID-19 the portal will show you the places where you need to fill in your COVID-19 details.
  • The portals are in the Turkish language and are easy for people in Turkey to understand and navigate.


  • The Turkish Google Playstore has an app for download which are lightweight and easy to use.
  • The registration process with the apps is easy and requires very little expertise to create an account.
  • Using the apps can be done easily by anyone. Mostly the app has guided processes for different activities. One simply needs to follow the commands to use the app for a certain activity.


The app is only for Turkey, and the health government of Turkey finds the app of utmost importance. Using the app is easy, and with it, people can fill in, keep track and update their health records including, their COVID-19 details. Learn more about the Ortak app details from the above article.

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