Old mutual loan-How to apply, check Status, Requirements, Interest rate

How to apply for Old mutual loan?

Old mutual loans offer an easy and comfortable loan process. Loan applicants need to simply fill in a form, add their documents, and wait for the loan sanction. The best part of taking loans from them is that their interest rates are adjusted from time to time to suit the market. 

You can call them, use the app, internet browser, or visit a branch to know more about the loan process.

how to apply for old mutual loan

Old Mutual Loan Application Requirements?

These are the basic application requirements for a loan.

  • You must possess a valid South African ID that is assigned to you by the government. 
  • Presenting bank statements for the past 3 months is essential. 

interest rate?

The minimum interest rates vary from one loan type to another. The maximum interest rate for any old mutual loan is 24.5%.

How to Check old mutual loan application status?

  • To check your application status, you can either call them or mail them. 
  • You can drop by different bank branches to find out more about your loan application status.
  • Thirdly, you can either use the app or internet banking option to find out more about your loan application status.
  • Go to the tab which reflects your application for the loan under the loan section.
  • Click on the loan application and then click on check status.
  • You can see the status of your loan application in a column close to the end of the form.

How to pay old mutual loan online?

You can either try one of the apps (old mutual app or old mutual banking app) or the secure internet site for paying back loans or installments.

  • Go to the banking icon from the app & visit your loan segment.
  • Click on the monthly installment option and select the Pay button.
  • You can also set up a monthly recurrent loan installment payment option from the app to facilitate auto-deduction of the amount.

How to check old mutual loan balance?

To check the old mutual loan balance, either visit your nearest branch or call the call center at 0860 445 445, or dial *120*OMSA# or even *120*6672#.

You could also use Old Mutual app or their mutual banking app to generate a bank loan statement.

How to qualify for old mutual loan?

To qualify for loan, here are a few parameters.

  • You mustn’t be blacklisted.
  • You must at least be 18 years or older and should be lesser than 60 years.
  • The person must be working since they need to produce their last salary slip.

Types of Loan That Old Mutual Offers?

Loans can either be secured or unsecured. Purpose-based loans are many and are offered as a loan towards education, vehicle, home, and even personal loans. Gold and other properties like mutual funds, shares, bonds fall under the asset loan category.

Does old mutual offer loans to blacklisted?

Though there are no loan provisions for blacklisted people, yet the various loan schemes are targeted towards increasing the financial security of loan applicants. The loans are designed to bring down the loan burden of the loan applicants.

Contact Details

To contact the old mutual loan office, you must either call them at 0860 50 60 70. You can also fax them at +027 (0) 21 509 0506. 

They have several mailing units for establishing contact.


So this is all about old mutual offer loans and if you are planning to take a loan from them, ensure you read about their processes from here.

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