OLA electric app for Android/iOS [Ola Electric Scooter Official Web]

Ola has brought out a range of electrically driven scooters. There are two series basically to it- S1 and S1 Pro. Booking starts with a token payment of Rs 450/-. The scooter would cost Rs.99, 999 and Ola has tagged up with various banking institutions to leverage the loan option for its consumers. The company has also launched the ola electric scooter app for its customers.

The e-scooter has been booked by almost 1 lakh consumers so far and this has been the response in the first day since its bookings opened. The scooter is provided with a battery that can be charged and there is an app to regulate a few factors.

ola electric app download official website

What is Ola electric app?

  • With the app, you can create separate driver profiles.
  • You can add people by clicking and adding guests.
  • Area and speed limitations can be set using the app.
  • Fencing time and implementing restrictions of modes are important faculties with the app.
  • The app would allow you to keep a live track of your locations.
  • It would show the distance and duration, guide you to your destinations.
  • It would also tell you whenever your scooter is completely charged or otherwise.

How to ola electric app download?

The app is not available right now but would appear in Google Playstore and Apple appstore for downloads.

For Android

You will have to browse through the Google Playstore to download and run your app.


Download the app from the Apple appstore and start using it.

ola electric scooter official website

The official Ola electric scooter website is being linked here. For more information use the given link.

ola electric scooter release date

The purchase date for the scooter is 08th September 2021. The delivery date for the scooter will be somewhere in October 2021 and would span over 1000 cities across India. 


  • Locking and unlocking your scooter can be controlled by the app.
  • Arrival destinations would be marked well.
  • The app would help you to control the scooter remotely.


With almost a lakh booking with more underway, the app would get good reviews when it is launched. Right now the app is actively not uploaded in the appstores but once the deliveries begin the company plans to launch the app by then.


The first eco-friendly vehicle, Ola scooters would be using green and clean energy for charging the scooters at the charging points. Similarly, Ola is also constructing a company for manufacturing more scooters and is also launching the world’s largest charging stations for the scooters. It plans to connect all roads so that the scooter can travel anywhere it wants.

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