How to apply for OJAS Online Application? OJAS Registration [2021]

Last updated on November 23rd, 2021 at 06:38 am

What is OJAS online application?

The online job application system (OJAS) is a platform where you can apply and seek jobs, as the name suggests. It is a Gujarat government initiative and is built to facilitate the youth of Gujarat. All kinds of jobs in the government sector are listed on the OJAS online platform.

How to apply for OJAS Online Application?

OJAS online application

To apply for a job from the OJAS portal, here’s what you must do.

  1. Enter the OJAS website link and click on the Apply tab from the online application segment.
  2. Next, fill in the screen from the drop down which states choosing application advertisement by Department.
  3. Click on the green apply button of the advertisement to start the process.
  4. Choose the job application and then read its requirements before applying for it.
  5. You can upload your CV or complete the application as required.
  6. Upload the one time registration password (OTR) and your birth date before submitting the application form.
  7. If you do not have the OTR, you must register yourself to obtain it.
  8. If you do not want to use the OTR process, click on the SKIP button to move to the application screen.
  9. Complete the application process as per the commands and notifications.
  10. You can read the process of filling the application in detail from this site.
  11. Apply and confirm it to take an online print of it.
  12. Choose the advertisement, add the confirmation number, birth date, and choose print post office challan to pay the fees in Gujarat post offices.

What are application Requirements?

Being a citizen of Gujarat is enough to create an account with this platform.

However, when applying for jobs, you will have to read the requirements of the job carefully before applying for the position.

How to know application number in OJAS?

If you have applied for a job position through the OJAS web portal, the application number is displayed soon after the application form is submitted.

How to do OJAS application Registration?

Registration is followed by the selection of a certain job category and then applying for it through the portal.

1) Click on this link and then add the personal details, communication details, and other details including language details.

2) Upload a clear photograph and also a signature specimen in the given sections.

3) Complete the declaration form and then click on the Save tab to proceed with the application process for jobs.

4) Once you generate the OTR (one time registration) password you can use it for payments and generating applications.


Here’s a bit about OJAS and its portal. If you are a job aspirant and a resident of Gujarat, use this site to search for authentic government jobs. It is a golden opportunity for states without falling into any form of ongoing job scams.

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