How to Install Odyssey Jailbreak iOS 14 | Odyssey iOS Download

Last updated on May 9th, 2021 at 07:48 am

How to Install Odyssey Jailbreak iOS 14

Odyssey Jailbreak iOS 14 is exceptionally fast and completely an open platform. It is completely new and it comes with Procursus bootstraps plus complete libhooker support thus offering safety and reliability. You also get Sileo, Chimera and Electra if you download Odyssey.

To install Odyssey jailbreak iOS 14, follow the below steps;

Odyssey Jailbreak iOS 14

From the iOS 14 platform on iPhone or iPad move to the Odyssey official site, from where you can download the app easily by following a few steps.

AltStore Repo and Shortcut can be used for an IPA download which can help fix a few problems like;

  • – Incorporates support for user space reboot.
  • – The app launch time is made faster.
  • – Memory usage issues get easily fixed with IPA download.
  • – UIC Cache runs after the restoration of rootFS to get rid of extra icons.
  • – You can simultaneously update libnotifications to settle up any issues around Cr4shed.

In the next segment, find the step-by-step downloading process via AltStore, IPA Sideloading and Shortcut.

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Find out the steps for downloading the app through the AltStore repo.

  • – Install the AltStore repo on your system by browsing through the AltStore Repo FAQ.
  • – Add AltStore Repo repository.
  • – Inside AppStore users can download Odyssey.
  • – Further, on your device, go to the Odyssey website and then click on the ‘Open in AltStore’ option. Odyssey is now installed on your device.

How to use Shortcuts for Odyssey iOS download

  • – Download Shortcuts if you haven’t used them before from the Gallery.
  • – To enable the Shortcut settings, you will have to run it at least once on your phone.
  • – Install the Shortcut.
  • – Run the ‘Wander’ Shortcut which is newly added to the device.
  • – Users can install Odyssey either via AltStore or ReProvision respectively.

Without PC, Odyssey 14 can be downloaded easily.

  • – Download and install the Panda Helper app to download the Odyssey jailbreak tool.
  • – Finally, click on the Install button to get Odyssey on your system.
  • – Now, users can jailbreak the devices.

Advantages of Odyssey app

There are several advantages of the Odyssey iOS download and it includes;

  • – The app launch time is faster.
  • – Ads don’t disturb the user experience while one is using the app.
  • – Odyssey is extremely fast.

Disadvantages of Odyssey app

Several disadvantages of Odyssey iPhone 12 pro max app include;

  • – Exploit reliability of the kernel is not good.
  • – Caller ID doesn’t work well with the app.
  • – Cleaning process of the app is extremely slow.

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