How to Use Octosniff on Xbox Resolver IP Sniffer?

Octosniff IP Sniffer is a powerful hacking tool to be used when using Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It works on your iPhone, Mac, and all other devices including the gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X, Octosniff PS4 free, Octosniff PS4 IP.

It allows you to have control over your network and also allows you to monitor the circulating packets. The highly efficient and advanced algorithm is used to extract valuable information about the whereabouts of the packets that visit the system, including finding out the reason for their visit.

A network research tool Octosniff IP sniffer allows you a one-time payment module and once purchased can be used forever. It also works great as a free version.

Octosniff ip Sniffer xbox ps4

How to use Octosniff Xbox resolver?

Xbox resolver is a database for gamer tags tied to already sniffed out IPs. Mostly Xbox resolver cross-references data from one platform to another. To use Octosniff booter you would need to download it on your system and then follow the below steps to start using it on the Xbox resolver.

  • After downloading and installation are complete, you need to simply move to the Network connections. You should be able to see an unidentified network (G+E family controller) in it. From there click on the unidentified ethernet connection and you can rename it to incorporate any name of your choice.
  • You will need to connect to your VPN and it should always be a Tab E9 adapter.
  • If you are not favoring the use of a VPN, you will have to simply share from your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Once connected to the VPN, right-click on the Properties option, and then go to sharing. From there click on the first check box which allows other networks to work on the system. Then from the dropdown menu select the Xbox resolver from dropbox.
  • If you don’t have the dropdown menu, just click on the box and you’re all set.
  • Now you can open Xbox resolver and you will need to set up a new LAN cable connection.
  • While the testing is under process, simply open the auto sniff option, and from the top of the interface, you need to choose the name of the adapter you just have named after Xbox resolver. Then you must click on Sniff to carry out the process further.
  • Once the connection is passed you can find your IP address reflecting in the console area.

You can thus use the Octosniff IP sniffer and find out details and you can also try to decrypt all other user-related information comfortably to detect if there are some anomalies to address.

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How to download octosniff for free?

Follow the below steps to download Octosniff for Xbox resolver for free.

  • You would have to log in to Octo sniff and then you will have to download the runtime file and not the developer pack.
  • Next, click on Enable Beta version on your PC (personal computer).
  • Open any Antivirus you are using, turn down your real-time protection and then simply click on the blue tab to download the software.
  • Next, click on the Install button and finish installing it on your device (iPhone, Mac, Android).
  • Make sure you have WinPCap on your device, then agree to finish the installation process.
  • To launch the program, you will have to open up your Antivirus platform again, and you will have to create an exclusion folder.
  • You can do so by scrolling down your Antivirus setting’s Virus and threat protection option.
  • Once done, go ahead and turn on the real-time protection again for your system.
  • Now click on the finish tab to complete the installation process.

Further, add your Octosniff IP sniffer username and password when asked.

Once the file is downloaded, you will get a pop-up message which will intimate you about the newly downloaded program and that after the program exits, the installer will start operating.

  • But before clicking on OK you will have to revisit Virus and threat protection. From there you will have to open Protection History and you should be able to witness the program as a temp file.
  • Now from the tab called Actions, click on ‘Allow on Device.’ You must go and click on the OK button next to the pop-up.
  • Select language and then click on additional tasks and then further click on Install.
  • Finally, you need to allow Octosniff IP sniffer through Windows Firewall.
  • So, click open Windows Firewall, tap on change settings and then click on Allow another app.
  • From the Program Files search Octosniff IP sniffer file, open the file and add it to Windows Firewall.
  • Check on both the Private and Public checkboxes and then click on OK. Once done click on Finish and you’re all set.
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