How to USE Octopus Energy app [2024-Updated]?

The Octopus Energy app helps when installed and used the right way can help save energy problems by almost 40%. It connects to smart home devices and connects to your Tesla car bringing down the electricity cost-saving energy immensely. This way, you can reduce your carbon footprint by going green and choosing green every day.

Octopus Energy offers different tariffs that are either fixed or variable. Like the Octopus Go Tariff scheme is designed for those using electric vehicles. The tariffs are cheaper at night and offer better-charging facilities for your electric car.

how to use octopus energy app

How to use Octopus Energy App?

To use the Octopus Energy app, you need to set up an online account. 

  • Click on the Account tab from the top-right hand corner of your account.
  • You’d be asked to make a password, and after creating a password, you can log in to your account.
  • In the app, you can send a meter reading; spin the wheel every month to draw the benefits.
  • You can connect your intelligent light technologies to the Octopus Energy app so that the app can guide you on unnecessary consumptions.
  • There is no log out option, and you cannot be logged out of the app.
  • You can also use the web version if you do not wish to use the app version.

How to download Latest octopus energy app?

The Octopus Energy App can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and the Apple appstore. Simply click on the Install and Get tab from the Playstore and Appstore, respectively, to download and use the Octopus Energy app.

APP Features

  • Entering meter readings
  • Debiting amounts directly
  • Account management and setting email preferences
  • Raising credit refund requests
  • Smart meter installation booking

Does octopus energy have an app?

Yes, Octopus has an app that works exactly like the web browser. The functionalities of the app and the web browser are similar. A person can easily use the app if they know the way to use the web browser.


If you plan to reduce your household electricity charges, ensure you register with the Octopus Energy app. The app and the browser are designed to teach humans smart living. Use the Octopus Energy app to save your electricity meters but read this piece of information first.

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