NotiSave app for iPhone/Android – Read WhatsApp deleted Msgs

What is NotiSave app?

The NotiSave app allows one to restore all notifications that are upcoming on your mobile phone. Your notice bar can be kept clean with the notification app in place. Saving all your notifications can reduce confusion since you can see the exact date and time you received the notification.

WhatsApp statuses can be saved easily with the help of this app.

How to download NotiSave app for iPhone & Android?

NotiSave app

To download the NotiSave app for your iPhone and Android, here’s what you must do.

Visit your Google Playstore or Apple appstore and click on the install tab.

The app will take a few seconds to appear in your list of apps.   

With this app in place going forth you can erase any notification from your device anytime and can get back to it as and when you have some time.

This App is not yet available for iPhone users.

How to use NotiSave app?

Here’s what you have to do to use the NotiSave app.

  1. From your Google Playstore or Apple appstore, download your app.
  2. Permit the app to sync in with all the necessary gadgets within your phone like photos, media, notifications and files.
  3. After you have given permission, the app will start keeping a log of all the notifications and information.
  4. Once the notification of the message is saved, even if the sender removes it, you can easily know there was a message from the person.
  5. You can also respond to messages without having to leave the app.

How to read WhatsApp deleted messages through NotiSave app?

To read the removed WhatsApp messages, here are a few steps that can guide you.

  1. When after installation, a pop-up message arrives asking you to allow access to notifications. Press the allow option.
  2. Next, a drop-down list comes up, click on it to find WhatsApp.
  3. Switch the toggle button next to WhatsApp.
  4. Whenever you find a notification that goes back to a deleted message, click on it. You can still read it from the notification bar. However, the message will be in a plain text format.

Why NotiSave is not working?

It could be an internet connectivity error, or you might be using an older version. If you are using an older version, you must download the newer version and log in fresh into the app.


To conclude, it can be stated that now saving WhatsApp notifications is easier than before. Try using the app for maximum benefit.

Does NotiSave work on iPhone?

Yes, the NotiSave app works very well on iPhone devices.

Is NotiSave Chinese app?

No, NotiSave is not a Chinese app instead it is manufactured by South Korea.

Is NotiSave app safe?

There are no issues with safety as the company takes complete care about the secrecy level of the app. WhatsApp is involved in sending essential and often private messages. It is completely taken care of.

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