Install NGXplay app in iOS 13, 14 & Android

Ngxplay carplay is a small tweak that helps different applications run on Carplay irrespective of their compatibility.

The tweak is developed by Eason Wu. Ngxplay does not run on CarPlay screen, it simply mirrors it. This would mean not having a keyboard when using Ngxplay for Carplay apps.

Install NgxPlay app in Android iOS

How to download and install Ngxplay app in iOS 14, 13?

To download Ngxplay in iOS 13 or 14 you have to;

  • You would need to first download the Cydia app.
  • Once Cydia is downloaded on your phone, you will have to visit the following route, Source>edit>add>paste the URL.
  • On the search bar type Ngxplay IPA file.
  • Once you get Ngxplay, download it with just one click.
  • You can set frame per second (FPS) and choose required applications.

You can also use Tweak MO or Wheel Pal to download and install the Ngxplay app.

How to download and install Ngxplay app in Android?

Ngxplay android and has not been found suitable for it since Android is more of an open system.

(Ngxplay is not available on Android)


Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to simply toggle the switch which says enable Ngxplay for Carplay and then it gets configured.


The disadvantage of using Ngxplay app, it won’t work without jailbreak

Ngxplay alternative

You can use carbridge as Negxplay alternative. Users claim that it is better than NGXPlay. You can also give it a try and let us know in comments which one is better.

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