Nft Project Blankets Texas Capital City In Pro-crypto Billboards

A five-minute drive through Austin will undoubtedly reveal some brilliant NFT promotional materials displayed as billboards like this app.

Sam Feldman is leading the mission to educate Texans about non-fungible tokens. He believes these billboards will sow the seed of crypto-curiosity in the minds of Texans. It’s time Texans came to understand the ideas behind cryptos and NFTs.

Feldman is the brains behind the captivating crypto messages scattered across Texas. He founded the market website to guide new and experienced crypto users through the volatile market. These billboard advertisements have been in the works since last year. Feldman says the campaign in Austin, Texas, will help raise crypto awareness in the state, which would result in more adoptions of Bitcoin and digital assets in the next few months.

Over 100 Billboards Have Been Put Up

Nft Project Blankets Texas Capital City

The CoinTelegraph reported that at least one hundred crypto-related billboards had been set up since July 1, 2021. Feldman explained that each billboard bears unique messages about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin (BTC), non-fungible tokens, decentralized finance, and every other fundamental aspect of the crypto ecosystem. He explained that the deployed billboards let Texans in on the potential opportunities that could be scaled with cryptos. The ads preach the adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

This project was funded by tokenizing drome photos of the billboards and auctioning them as NFTs. One of the billboards is inscribed with the message “This is an NFT.” The entire motive behind the campaign is brilliant. The campaign, at this point, is on its way to being self-funded as the resultant NFTs are making waves in the market.

The campaign’s team said they have spent close to $650,000 deploying the existing billboards in strategic areas in the city. The group clarified that the sales of the NFTs didn’t start until most of the billboards had been perfectly set up. The tokens can be found on Solana’s (SOL) network. 

Feldman revealed that at least 70% of the proceeds from the sales would be reinvested in the campaign. Right now, bids are going as high as $450 for each mint. This reinvested revenue will be used to deploy more billboards across the state. At the same time, the remaining 30% will be distributed among the team for a job well done.

Not Just A Picture

Feldman told the CoinTelegraph that the campaign is not just about selling pictures of NFT billboards on the SOL network. According to the website’s founder, the campaign is more or less a platform for sharing the fulfilling prophecies of cryptocurrencies. He claims that the billboards will entice people to invest in Bitcoin and other digital assets. It would bring more people into the decentralized blockchain networks. In turn, these new converts will spread the good news about the crypto ecosystem. Currently,

Austin is home to dozens of firms centered around crypto and blockchain networks. One of which is Tesla. With the increasing number of crypto messages placed on billboards and the rising number of tech firms in Austin, many residents will have made efforts to learn more about the concept of digital assets. 

Reactions from Texans 

In the last seven months, the billboards have been met with several positive, adverse, and mixed reactions.

A Redditor with the username “jimatx” wrote in a subreddit that he doubts the authenticity of cryptos. In his post, he used the stock market, real estate, and gold as good examples of tangible and valuable assets. He concluded that forcing cryptos into people’s heads using billboards does not prove that digital assets are worth it.

Feldman stressed that the ongoing billboard campaign is a more efficient approach to spreading the gospel of cryptocurrencies around Texas. He further added that the short messages inscribed on the boards were written in non-politicized and chilling designs.

The billboard campaign has plans to expand to Miami and Los Angeles, depending on how successful the Austin campaign is.

Austin is gradually growing to become a hub for tech companies and crypto firms. The crypto-friendly regulations in the state make it welcoming for these firms to settle. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, may have hinted that the state’s government intends to follow the blueprint laid down by Wyoming for crypto transactions. In the following months or years, Austin could be one of the country’s crypto leaders for bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments.

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