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All the stargazers are extremely incredibly about this comet Neowise because they will be getting the attention of the new comet Neowise (comet July 2020), also known as the C/2020 F3 comet. From the 14th of July onwards, everyone can see these celestial events taking place.

Neowise Comet Tracker App

The most attentive fact about this comet is that it will be visible to the naked eye from the 14th of July. For the first twenty days from July 14, everyone can peek into the sky (without requiring and binocular or telescope) and can see the comet Seattle for about twenty minutes. 

neowise comet tracker app

Comet Neowise Tonight Seattle

The sky-watchers first saw the comet C/2020 F3 on 27th March and were visible in the Northern sky. NWS Seattle has reported four images of Neowise on July 8th,  who also stated that the comet would be visible to the naked eye till mid of July. ( Click on this link to watch the viewing guide from July 15 to July 23. 

App to find Neowise

There is an application that allows you to watch the comet from tonight (14th of July) in both evening and morning sky. 

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What direction is the comet tonight?

Click on this site and fill up a form that will require you to fill your location and possibly show any comet or other celestial body passing over your location. (

Comet Neowise tracker NASA will be on air with live updates at 3 PM on the 15th of July, Wednesday. This will also stream at 12:30 AM (Indian Standard Time) on the 16th of July on NASA television.

These events will involve various question and answer rounds where people from all over the world will discuss their questions with NASA scientists. The NASA Science Live Updates will be broadcasted on various platforms. These include:

  • NASA television
  • The website of agency (
  • Facebook Live, Periscope, Youtube, LinkedIn, Upstream, and Twitch

What time can I see the comet tonight?

This is excellent news for all astronomy lovers as the comet Neowise will be visible to the naked eye to the sky-watchers, which is probably a rare occasion. Comet Hale-Bopp was the last greatest comet viewed. The comet Neowise comes with the bonus that it will be visible to the naked eye, which will continue to mid-August. 

This comet was visible before the dawn sky on July 14th and will continue to appear in the evening for the later part of this month.

It will still be visible in the North East sky throughout this week, about an hour ago before the sunrise. If you are a night lover and even if you are not, you can watch this wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the Best time to see the comet tonight?

The best possible time to watch the comet is at dawn for the middle week of July and then in the evening till August. This comet will remain nearest to the Earth from 22nd – 23rd of July.

when will i see the Comet near Big Dipper night?

On the 15th of July, this comet will be visible on the Big Dipper Constellation’s right side (towards and below it). 

Will you be able to see the comet?

Yes. In fact, this is the leading news about this comet.

Can i See the Neowise Tonight?

Yes, you can

Where is Neowise Right Now?

Already answered above.

Thank You

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