Necrophonic App free for Android [Latest 2024]

The Necrophonic app helps you speak to spirits and is being used by many people worldwide for the same. The app is brought together by Keith Weldon and Chris Rogers.

There are 8 sound banks in the app and there is also a ninth sound bank called the White Noise Sound Bank. 

The app has Echo and Reverb audio effects as well.

how to necrophonic app apk download for android ios

How to Necrophonic app free download for Android?

The Necrophonic app download for Android is possible for free from Google Playstore.

  • The app costs $9.99 and you have to initially purchase the app from the Playstore.
  • Once you click on the Install tab after searching for the app in the Search box, you can download it next only after you pay the price.
  • So, you will be directed to the site where you will have to enter your credit card number, name, CVV number, and expiry date of the card.

How to get Necrophonic app free?

Certain third party appstore like is the best place to get your app for free. 

Before you begin anything, you will have to move to your Menu Settings and from there into the Security tab. Once you’re in, you will have to slide the switch on the slider to put it on. This would allow you to download apk files from unknown sources.

Once done go back to the site, search for the app, and then click on the download tab for enabling the Necrophonic app download.

After the app is installed, you will have to verify you’re a human by downloading some additional apps into your system. Finally, you will have to run and then install the app.

Is the Necrophonic app dangerous?

No, the app is not at all dangerous in any way. It is just a way by which the spirit world can communicate with the human world using the various sound devices incorporated into the box.


Reviews about the app are mixed. Since people are sceptical about using the app, a lot of people are coming up with reviews that are far from reality. So the best thing to do would be to look at the best part of the app and to make things work.


What does the Necrophonic app do?

It is used for EVP Research and also is used for communication with the spirits. The spirit world is quite a vivid world according to science and some believe that the key to human existence is through this spirit world of ours which forms a halo around us all.

What does reverb mean on Necrophonic app?

Reverb can enhance the properties of the sound and the sound effects. It can actually create a spacious sound environment. It will also enhance audio manipulation.

Who developed the Necrophonic app?

Keith Weldon and Chris Rogers are the developers behind it.

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