How to Use Navica App for Covid Test [2024]? Navica QR code

The Navica app is designed by Abbott in the wake of COVID-19 fear spreading far and wide. The app is designed to work like a securely designed boarding pass.

It can be scanned to facilitate easier entries into organizations and also other facilities and areas. Highly populated places can benefit greatly by using the app. It displays BinaxNOW test results and people can assure the ones who enter the premises of any heavily populated area are all COVID-screened.

How to use Navica app?

Use Navica App for Covid Test

This is pretty much what happens with the app.

  • Create an account with the NAVICA app.
  • Accept their terms and conditions, and also check on the box to agree to their privacy policy.
  • Once you add your email address you will receive a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code in the next screen that opens up.
  • Create a password and add it up. 
  • Set up a profile.
  • Add your first name, last name, birth date, mobile number, and then click Next tab.
  • Add Home address, answer each question, and then click on Create account.
  • Once you have created an account you will be presented with an option, display your NAVICA ID.
  • A QR code is created for you which you can use wherever required.

How to use Navica QR code?

Once you have downloaded your Navica app, you can either take a screenshot of your app or a snap of your QR code. 

  • Create a QR code for yourself on the app.
  • The QR code would be scanned and associated with your COVID-19 test result. 
  • Accessing the QR codes from the Get Tested tab is possible everytime you need them. 
  • Choose Display NAVICA ID whenever you have to do it.

How to use Navica app for covid test?

  • Scan your license or enter it manually if you have one or fall in the group who need to enter one.
  • Now the screen would ask you to show the NAVICA ID at the NAVICA-approved test center. The ID code is scanned to start the collection of your records.
  • Once you take a BinaxNOW test in any of the NAVICA test centers the results would get displayed on your NAVICA app.
  • If you have a negative test, people will receive an airline boarding pass type, that will contain a temporary encrypted digital pass locked with a QR code.
  • Each time a person takes the test, you will get a new boarding pass.
  • Once you display the COVID test card, the boarding pass can be deciphered at the center for registering your results.

How to Navica app download?

Navica app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and Apple appstore. All you have to do is search it out and then add the apps to your device.

How to Login?

You simply have to enter your email address and your password. Click on the sign in tab after that point.

Navica Covid Test Cost

The Navica COVID test costs $5 and the results come in 15 minutes. The tests are 97.1% sensitive and 98.5% specific.

App Features

The following features are supporting the NAVICA app.

  • Display your NAVICA ID at a NAVICA enabled test center.
  • The NAVICA passcode comes to you when the test site submits a negative result.
  • Historical and current test results can be viewed anytime. Historical test results are saved in the app.
  • There‚Äôs a validator used for scanning NAVICA entry passes that confirm their status and authenticity.

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