How to apply for National Youth Empowerment Fund application form

What is National Youth Empowerment Fund application?

If you need monetary support to manage your business or education plan, do apply for the National Youth empowerment fund application. It is the fastest way to get funds to complete business and education needs. Almost a sum of N150, 000 to N555, 000 is given to people between the age group of 13-65 years.

If anyone is facing monetary stress, then they need to send their online applications after duly filling them.

How to apply for National Youth Empowerment Fund application form 2021?

National Youth Empowerment Fund application

Either fill your application form online or obtain it from the YEN office.

  1. Simply add your details online like your name, age, state, and password to register yourself on the site.
  2. Continue next by filling the application form.
  3. Add your relevant documents and then submit the application form.

What are the application requirements?

If you are filling up the application form, you will need to add;

  1. Two passport size photographs
  2. Your National Identity photograph
  3. Utility bill photograph
  4. Two guarantors and their passport size photographs
  5. You must write a business proposal summary in no more than three pages.


Applicants need to confirm the following eligibility criteria to apply for loans.

  1. Those between 16-21 years and 21-45 years can apply for a loan.
  2. All those applying must have a business initiative planned for themselves.
  3. They must be entrepreneurs of some sort.
  4. During the time of application must be residing in Nigeria

How to Check YDF Application Status?

The application status can be found out either from their online sites. But most preferably, you will be intimated of the development. It simply takes 10 working days to sort the applications. Those businesses that need support must provide their business plan hereafter. Anyone who qualifies will be given a business or educational grant in another 10 days’ time.


Most people cannot come up with their ideas as they lack funds and resources. If you are a Nigerian with a business plan that can help your and others’ life, create a thorough business plan and ask for monetary benefits from the government for the same.


To fulfill the needs of the youth, the government of Nigeria is delegating funds. The application process bears no cost whatsoever. If you want to apply, read this blog post carefully before going for it.

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