How to do National ID registration?

The Republic of the Philippines has issued an act which is known as Act No. 11055. According to the Philippine Identification System Act, the government aims to establish a single national identification system for all citizens of the country.

PhilSys is a means to simplify public and private transactions. It is a form signed by simplifying public and private transactions and will serve as a social and economic platform promoting seamless social service delivery.

It strengthens the financial system of both public and private services and brings forth paperless and cashless transactions.

register philsys National ID online registration


The primary documents are given below;

– Live birth certificate.

– Philippines passport must be shown.

– GSIS or SSS-issued multi-purpose identification card.

– Land transportation office issued a license for students.

If the person does not have any of the above documents they can also share one or more of the secondary documents given they have a front-facing photograph, signature, thumb mark, full name, permanent address, and birth date.

Some of those documents include postal ID, voter’s ID, Phil Health ID, NBI clearance, Residence ID, Senior Citizen ID, or other IDs listed in the documents given on the website.

How to register. PhilSys. Gov. Ph national ID online registration?

 Once you register with the site, you will have to log in. From there, you need to fill out the application form. The application name would contain all the details about your social, demographic, and financial details.

Fill them up slowly and then in the next segment you’ll be asked to book your preferred appointment schedule. You will additionally receive an ARN (Application Reference Number) and/or QR code. 

These registration details need to be submitted at the registration office when you go for the interviews.


The benefits of the Philippine identification system online registration include,

– Enabling accessible services for Filipinos.

– Easy ways of doing business would be promoted by the app.

– Decreasing the fraudulent practices and increasing the service integrity matters.

– Encouraging trust in government digital and government economy system.

– Filipinos would access more control over the personal data they have shared with platforms.

www.philsys. gov. ph online application

The online application process begins by registering yourself with the site. To register with PhilSys. gov. ph online registration you’ll have to input your email address and your phone number. 

These would get verified and the OTPs (one-time passwords) need to be incorporated in the given segment to fill in the online applications.

Philippines National ID online registration link.

The Philippines National ID online registration link is given here.

How to fill the National ID application form PDF Philippines?

Name, place, regions, complete mailing address, and all other demographic details can be filled in the required sections.

Once they are filled in you will have to provide a statutory declaration whereby you would be confirming that all information submitted by you, is true according to you.

You will have to put down your signatures and will have to put down your name.


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