How to Namaste yoga app download on Android? Check Owner Name

what is namaste yoga App?

The Ayush Ministry has presented the citizens with the Namaste Yoga app. It is a platform informing people about the different Yoga events, Yoga centres, and trainers.

This app is a place where certified Yoga centers can promote their work. Even trainers can talk about their work for promoting their work and business. The app tells you a lot more about the Yoga centers present in your vicinity and around the country.

Namaste Yoga app launched by

Namaste yoga app

The Namaste Yoga app is launched by the Ministry of Ayush. The app was launched on 7th International Yoga day. The app was launched on 21st June 2021. The United Nations adopted the draft whereby 21st June is decided to be celebrated as World Yoga Day.

How to use Namaste Yoga app?

To use the Namaste Yoga app, one needs to understand the process in which the app works.

  • Once the app is downloaded, you need to register yourself on the app.
  • If you’re a trainer then choose the trainer option.
  • You can register yourself from the portal by click on the register option of the Namaste Yoga app.
  • Fill in your required details. If you’re a trainer or a Yoga center fill in the name, mobile number, email ID, password, certificate number, and address. 
  • Next choose if you’re the government, private or public from the options given.
  • Click on the terms and conditions and then obtain OTP by clicking on the GET OTP tab.
  • Once the process is complete, you can log in and use the Namaste Yoga app. 

How to Namaste yoga app download on Android?

Downloading the Namaste Yoga app is easy since it is available on Google Playstore. Simply install it on your device and start using it.

App Features

Several of its features are very useful like;

  • Knowledge Resources are stored in the app about Yoga. Several celebrity videos are available on the app which can help you understand what Yoga is.
  • Different Yoga events are enlisted in the app and are conducted by different yoga organizations across the country.
  • One can locate much about the Yoga centers, events, and trainers from the app.
  • Fitness tracker is used to monitoring the steps you use daily and the number of calories you have burned in the process.


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