Nailed it application Requirements, Eligibility Guide

Nailed it application opens for the bakers who need to showcase their talents in baking. In the show disastrous baking skills or even promising baking talents can be showcased. The bakers are asked to make sweets. The baking levels in the show are pretty complicated to achieve. This year’s show judges are Nicolas Byer and Jaques Torres.

how to apply for nailed it application

How to Apply for Nailed it Application?

For getting into the auditions of the Nail-it event, one must apply this way.

  • Take your selfie with your face being baked. Also, use one of the nailed-it recipes to bake a cookie.
  • Go ahead and paste the selfie of your best-failed cake and the cookie on your Facebook and Instagram handles.
  • Use the hashtag #bakeyourself and also tag @NAILEDIT when posting the images.
  • Judges would choose from these selfie images, and only the best will be invited for the show.

You can also apply online to participate using the below steps.

  • Visit the official NAILED IT website and enter your birth date details to check if you are eligible.
  • Once you are found to be above 18 years, you will be routed to the Season 6 casting form.
  • Fill in the basic information, add your cooking skill details, and then add to the photo and video section.
  • Sign, date, and add your complete name in the form before pressing the Submit button.

what are the Application Requirements?

There are several application requirements one must fulfil.

  • The application process requires you to make a video of yourself while baking a Nailed It approved cookie or cake recipe.
  • You have to upload images of your face. 
  • Another video with your complete visible body.
  • Your basic cooking skills information also needs to be added to the site.


Different eligibility requirements are also to be fulfilled.

  • You must not hold a position in the Nailed It office or any other office associated with the show, at least for one year.
  • As a contestant, you must be 18 years and above.
  • One must legally be a citizen of the United States.

Nailed it season 5 application Deadline

Last dates are not placed for the Nailed it applications. The dates when you can start applying for the next season are usually the first day when the previous season is aired.

How do you have to be on Nailed it?

To be on Nailed-It, you must be an amateur baker attempting to bake a cake using one of the Nailed-it recipes. On this show, you are free to bake inedible desserts. To be on the show, you need to have culinary interests. 


This is all about the Nailed It show. If you’re planning to participate, read the important stuff we have jotted down here. Keep track of the application process as soon as the previous season goes on air.

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