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Last updated on December 1st, 2020 at 04:21 pm

Mysejahtera app download link/register here. Get all the details about App Mysejahtera Malaysia including how to sign up/login, how to register, reviews about the app etc.

Application is aired by the Government of Malaysia to tackle the spread of COVID -19.

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What is mysejahtera app malaysia rm50

The government of Malaysia has recently launched a COVID 19 app for better management of coronavirus effects. Mysejahtera app Malaysia rm50 download right now.

Very helpful and free app. Using Mysejahtera, you can check up the health of your family and yourself for COVID -19 without going outside. Free Monitor your health daily.

You can check if you have any coronavirus symptoms and if you find any symptoms related to COVID 19 then immediately concern with the nearby doctor. You can also check the nearby hospital and clinics that are treating COVID -19 patients.

Mysejahtera app is getting managed by the Ministry of health. They are taking the help of this application Mysejahtera for monitoring the health of Malaysian people so that they can provide immediate treatment to the needy people.

How TO Register

Check out the video to know more important features about it.

Purpose of mysejahtera

To Self Check COVID 19 Symptoms at home

To provide the location of nearby COVID-19 hospitals and Clinics

To provide help COVID-19 infected patients

Help Government to keep track and monitoring of COVID 19 patient

Mysejahtera app download

The app is available on play store and apple store for both android and iOS users.

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How To Use App

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My sejahtera Sign Up/Login

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mysejahtera app download

Mysejahtera Reviews

This app is getting good reviews and ratings on both google store and apple store.

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