Why is Mygovid app not working (2024)? System Error Solved

Mygovid app is one of the most hassle-free and secure ways to prove your identity on the online dimension. One can add the documents like a driver’s license, Medicare card, and Australian Visa to affirm the identity and unlock all the other online services digitally.

Why is Mygovid app not working?

mygovid app not working

There can be some problems with entering the application and today we are going to find out the reasons. Mygovid is an application for Android iPhone IOS and PC, but today we’re mostly going to focus on the main reasons why the app won’t work.

1. Your name is different

This is the one error message that you might get when you are trying to gain access to the platform. It can be a common problem with users who have multiple first names, middle names, and last names. Try to match the name with the Australian identity documents that you have so that it is no longer a mismatch.

2. Mygovid Error code 45047(422)- ‘ unable to verify.’

It is essential to set up the Mygovid once again using the valid email address that was initially used. You have to remember the identity card that you used while making registration to the application in the beginning.

For example, if you have been using your Medicare card as the document of identity proof, use it after you are ready for another identity document like the Australian driving license.

If the problem persists, you can try to contact the support system on the official website of Mygovid.

3. Error code 45048(422)- verification of details not possible

If you have a lot of unsuccessful attempts to get through the Mygovid application, there will be a message- “max attempts reached,” that means you have to wait for at least 24 hours before you can try again.

In that case, you can edit the details by scanning the document and selecting the edit option in the Mygovid application itself.

4. Error code nwk00001

It is an error message that comes when the device does not have an active internet connection. Make sure that you log in to Mygovid after the internet service is back and working.

4. I forgot my password of Mygovid App

it’s going to be a legitimate problem while getting access to the Mygovid application. You have to select the option which says ‘I forgot my password,’ which will be available on the login screen itself.

Then you need to give the valid email address as well as identity documents, and you can get the password reset done. While you are already having problems, you cannot use Mygovid to access Mygov at this time.

5. Not having access to the email address of Mygovid App

A valid email address is something that comes under the basic app requirements. If you do not have access to the email address you used to register, you can change the settings with the support line’s help.

Mygovid business Portal app setup is incredibly easy, and the support team will be available if you get stuck. Now that you have an answer to all the possible problems, the errors should no longer bother you.

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