Why 1st 2nd 3rd Stimulus being mailed instead of direct deposit?

The IRS is trying to clear all payments as soon as possible and if you wish to track the stimulus check you might need to keep a few things in mind.

Stimulus payment might be mailed to you and not sent via direct deposit due to a variety of reasons, some of them being;

stimulus check being mailed instead of direct deposit

– If you haven’t initiated direct deposit details with the IRS, 

– If your bank details are not updated in the account appropriately.

– Another reason could be that your bank details are not accurate.

– If IRS has done a direct deposit to your agency but due to some error, your agency might have sent you the payment by mail in an expedited format.

– If you have filed for additional child tax credit.

– When the recovery rebate credit from your returns does not have the previous stimulus amounts mentioned in it and the IRS has to do it manually.

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Why is my second stimulus being mailed instead of direct deposit?

second stimulus check being mailed

Many people are trying to track their stimulus check and are worrying when receiving their IRS check via mail instead of the direct deposits they expect to see in their accounts. Reasons are often centred around the banking details updated with the IRS.

Since banking details are not regularly updated in the IRS platform, there are chances that the updated banking details are showing some error message or issues. Sometimes, bank accounts are closed, merged or changed. In such circumstances, IRS won’t be able to transmit your payments through direct deposits and they would have to mail you.

Sometimes the account is not appropriately updated or it is suspended by your bank due to some reason. Often it is not updated at all. IRS does not have all of your latest banking details and often works around files with banking information stored in their system about your files.

Many of them have not filed their tax returns in 2018 and 2019, thus most account holders have not updated their direct deposit information during this time.

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Why is my third stimulus being mailed instead of direct deposit?

Did your bank details change since your last filing? If it did, and now you are trying to track your stimulus check then the money would be mailed to you instead of going through direct deposits.

Almost 6.7 million people are in the backlog and are waiting for their 2020 tax return processing to be completed. If you have not filed your taxes in 2018 and 2019, but you have filed it in 2020 or filled in your details through the simplified process, yet, you have not received your returns, chances are you are still held in the backlog.

If you have recently switched your bank or closed an account to avoid certain implied fees and have moved your bank to some other bank that charges lesser or no fees, and the same has not been updated in the IRS records or if the IRS does not recognize your bank, in such circumstances your money would be mailed to you.

Due to the tax season pressure and the looming pandemic on tow, even if your account details are with the IRS yet sometimes the money is being mailed to the payees to avoid some imminent errors which are coming up now and then.

If you are on social security benefits and don’t earn enough to file taxes your account might go through thorough scrutiny and it is due to this scrutiny that your checks might be mailed instead of being sent to you as direct deposits.

If you’re wondering when will your stimulus check arrive in the mail, then be sure it will arrive at the stipulated time and checks payments mailed to you often take more time than direct deposits.

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