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Last updated on February 26th, 2022 at 10:28 am

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My Sacrifice App

Various aspects of nature affect us in many ways. Everything has a good and a bad side and the coronavirus is one of them. The COVID-19 outbreak has drastically affected and transformed the lifestyle of people all around the world including the people of the United Arabs. This pandemic has affected their business and particularly the animal slaughtering preparations for the upcoming Eid Al Adha. Amid the outbreak, the people are still trying to take their preparations to an all-new level through the online selling of meats. 

COVID-19 has led to its long-term effects in various parts of lifestyles, and one important thing that it expects is the minimization of social contact. This aspect has directly taken the sacrifices of Eid to an online section.

The joy relating to the Eid Al Adha mainly surrounds the crowd who visits the slaughterhouses and form long queues to collect the meat of the sacrificed animals, chosen by them. This year the picture is a bit different.

According to the government’s expectations, and most importantly for the individual safety purpose, the government has advised the people to place their orders online. The interested buyers can order through their licensed services. 

Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the two places where people can place their orders through licensed applications. Several service providers work with agencies that undertake various tasks. These works include sacrificing in the municipal abattoirs, delivering meat to the customers, preparing the packages for pick-up facilities, etc. The services are ongoing since last year, and there is usually a massive demand for this. The need is no less this year too.

Several veterinarians are beefed up at the slaughterhouses mainly for the festival. They mainly follow these steps to ensure good quality meat reaches the people. The doctors take several visits, ensuring that processed meat is completely free from diseases, and check them thoroughly until satisfied.

From today onwards, the owners of the slaughterhouses will be making sure that the maintenance is up to the mark, along with some additional cleaning techniques. They will also ensure that they get to do the various works smoothly by making planned and organized work of the equipment and making the onsite availability of the services. 

Other safety measures taken in this COVID-19 outbreak include that the customers receive their packages delivered through cars, ensuring the process of daily sanitization with an overall safety principle. Older people would be given the foremost priority.


People with determination and older people will be prioritized where they will be provided with the home-delivery services. In Dubai, there are several applications that offer sacrificial meat, including Al Mawashi, Dhabayih Aldaar, and many more.

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