How to Use & Register for My Morrisons App free?

The My Morrisons app is launched to thank the valuable customers of Morrisons. The new app makes it easy to redeem rewards and personalized offers and most importantly provides access to digital cards that can be used in various places and for various services.

You can use the app for grocery purchases or order food with it. You could also use the physical card to swipe at shopping outlets and receive money-off coupons as rewards in the My Morrisons app.

My Morrisons App

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How to use my Morrisons app?

You can download the My Morrisons app on your smart phone and then create an account with the app. You can review your offers from the app and easily activate them. Further, you can use the in-app digital card for scanning at shopping outlets to save on your shopping purchases. 

You can use My Morrisons in three ways – use the app, use the online web version, or use the More Card. The app presents tailored offers just for you.

App Features/Offers

Registering for the app is easy and it can be instantly activated. My Morrisons app offers the following:

  • Personalized offers – You can get digital coupons with the money from your next shopping.
  • Instant activation – You can activate the app with one tap.
  • App scanning – You can scan the digital card to automatically get the savings deducted.
  • Useful services – You can access everything at your fingertips.
  • Stay-in-the-know – The app will keep you informed about all store events and offers.
  • Manage the account – You can edit your personal details and manage your Morrisons account on the go.
  • My Morrisons Club – You can explore and avail of My Morrisons Clubs’ exclusive offers, discounts, and treats.

How to Get my Morrisons app for free?

You can download the app from Google Play Store for Android smartphones and App Store for iOS devices.

By clicking the Google Play link here, you can easily install the app on your smartphone. 

For downloading the app from App Store, you have to click on the Get button and then approve the app installation with your fingerprint or Apple passcode.

How to register?

You can simply register with your First Name, Last Name, Personal email address, Postal Code, and Password. You also have to agree with the Terms & Conditions and check the Captcha box.

How to Login to my Morrisons app?

You can easily log in to the app with your email id and password that you provided at the time of registration.

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