How to Remote Start car with My Chevy App? Cost Details

What is my Chevy App?

The myChevrolet Mobile app offers a range of remote-control features and commands for your Chevrolet car. The app on your smartphone needs to be connected to the car. This would allow you to turn the engine of the vehicle on or off and do a lot more like booking service appointments on your behalf, finding the right dealer, helping you view your billing history, and much more. 

It was designed to impart a better customer experience with innovative technology.

The app lets you take control over your vehicle whether you are inside it or outside and you can customize it in your own way.

With the app, you can check whether your vehicle has enough fuel and battery power at any point in time. There is also a marketplace feature that lets you explore restaurants, dining places, nearby hotels gas stations, etc. You can even earn My Chevrolet rewards and redeem them at your convenience.

How to Remote start car with my Chevy App?

remote start car with My Chevy App

You can make use of the Remote Access Plan feature that is only available via a paid subscription to remote start or stop a car. For this, you need to install the remote vehicle starter system in your car. With the RAP feature, you can even share additional benefits with your family members. A load of remote command features opens in front of you that can enable you to do the following:

  • Start or stop the engine.
  • Lock or unlock the vehicle.
  • Unlock the liftgate.
  • Honk and flash the headlights.

How to use my Chevy App?

You need to first download the myChevrolet app on your Android or iOS device. Then, you must create an account with the email id provided at the Owner Centre.

Further, you can sign in to use the app. When you sign in for the first time, then the app will walk you through important things.

How to locate a vehicle with my Chevy App?

With the Remote Access Plan feature, you can locate the car on a map. If the car is in motion, then you can understand its direction with the help of an arrow pointing toward the direction of movement.

The map can also center and zoom in automatically based on your location and show the distance between you and the vehicle.

You can even send out text notifications to a select few contacts when your car arrives at a destination, and you can also set and share alerts for arrivals and departures. Further, the myChevrolet app lets you create boundary alerts.

App Features

Below are the app features:

  • Customization ability – editing dashboard.
  • Viewing billing history and SiriusXM trial information.
  • Redeem myChevrolet rewards.
  • Hotspot management.
  • Explore marketplace.
  • Find a preferred dealer.
  • The Chevrolet Smart Driver feature provides valuable insights into driving habits and offers useful tips.
  • Customer support.
  • Trailering features.
  • Vehicle diagnostics.
  • Family sharing features.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Buying car accessories.
  • Remote Access Feature includes.

How to download myChevy App on Android, iPhone?

Android users can download the app from Google Play by clicking the direct download link here.

iOS users can click the link here to get the myChevrolet app on their iPhones.

Why is my Chevy App not working?

Well, if your app is not working then you can do the following:

  • Go to your Phone Settings.
  • Then, clear the Cache data of the myChevrolet app.
  • After this, try to relaunch the app.
  • If it still isn’t working, then close the app, turn off your device, and restart it.
  • Again, reopen the app.

Not working Solution

If the app is not working then force close the app and restart your phone to see if it fixes the problem. 


Can I use my Chevy App on two phones?

Yes, with the paid subscription you can do so.

How much my Chevy App cost?

The myChevrolet app needs an active OnStar plan. It could either be a free Basic Plan pr a paid subscription to use the remote access feature of the myChevrolet app. The Remote Access Plan costs about $14.99 per month.

Can I use my Chevy App without Onstar?

No, if you are a customer, then you would need your OnStar username and password; however, you can also log in with the Chevrolet owner center.

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