Are you allowed to have multiple Discord accounts?  

Can you have multiple Discord accounts?  

For starters, you cannot have more than one or several accounts simultaneously in Discord. There was no technical way to open multiple accounts, and prior versions of Discord also did not support having more than one account up and running at once. 

However, we have the most simple trick for you. While you cannot have multiple accounts from the same email address, you can definitely own more than one Discord account if you use different email ids for each.

In this piece, we will discuss the correct procedure for logging in to multiple Discord accounts once you create multiple accounts with different email addresses. Consider the guide below-

Step 1- A secondary Discord account has to be added to the app first.

Step 2- Launch Discord for the browser or the desktop software on your PC to get started.

Step 3- Click the profile symbol in the bottom-left corner of Discord after it has launched,

Step 4- Then select the Switch Accounts tab. 

Step 5- Now, click on the Manage Accounts option.

Step 6- Select “Add an Account” from the “Manage Accounts” box.

Step 7- Next, select “Email or Phone Number” and enter your email or phone number linked to your secondary account. 

Step 8- Enter the password for your secondary account in the “Password” section by clicking on it. In case you don’t remember your Discord password, no worries! it is pretty straightforward to reset it.

Step 9- Lastly, click “Continue” and you’re done!

To use multiple accounts on Discord simultaneously, follow this simple 3-step method- 

Step 1- Firstly, open the Discord app on your browser.

Step 2- Navigate to your profile picture and head on to the switch accounts option.

Step 3- Select the accounts you have previously logged into. 

In this way, you may switch between accounts with ease, and log in or log out of your will.

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How to have multiple Discord accounts?

multiple accounts on discord

As discussed earlier, you cannot log into several accounts simultaneously in Discord. There was no way you can switch between accounts, and even the earlier versions of Discord did not support having more than one account at once. You may select which account you feel like switching to in the settings. However, sadly, the option to access several accounts at once online is still not allowed.

So, here is an easy way to have multiple Discord accounts online at the same time-

Step 1- Log in or sign up to your private Discord account.

Step 2- After successfully logging in, head on to the dashboard.

Step 3- Choose the three-line icon from your profile homepage,

Step 4- Navigate to the last option in the menu, “switch account.”

Step 5- Click on the manage accounts option following, select the “add account”

Step 6 – Choose to log in or sign up for a fresh Discord account.

Step 7- while signing in, make sure you use a new email address or phone number.

Step 8- Choose the desired credential and log in.

If you have more than one email address, you can have more than one Discord account in no time. However, remember that Discord does not permit the use of numerous accounts at once. You are only left with the option of switching between accounts back and forth. 

With that said, if you absolutely need multiple accounts to work at the same time, you can follow the method below-

Step 1- Use a virtual browserVirtual browser offers you a highly powerful performance. Due to its strong anti-fingerprint detection capabilities, it also enables your system to be uniquely recognized. Additionally, they enable you to set up several files and file sharing, offering the best support for numerous simultaneous tasks!

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Can you log into multiple Discord accounts?

Can you log into multiple Discord accounts?

The application is designed in such a way that you cannot log in to multiple Discord accounts with the same login details. Not only the recent version but also the older ones never allowed such settings as well. 

If you still want to have multiple accounts for yourself, you can simply open any other account via a different email id.

Follow the simple steps to open and sign in to a new account. 

Step 1- Sign up for your previous Discord account or log in on your computer or mobile device.

Step 2- After logging in successfully, head on to the homepage of your Discord profile.

Step 3- Select the three-line icon on the profile homepage, 

Step 4- Pick “add account” after clicking the “manage accounts” option.

Step 5- You can now either log in to a different one or create a new Discord account.

Step 6- Use a fresh email or phone number if you’re signing up for a new account,

Step 7- Select the other preferred credential, then log in- and done!

Now, to use two accounts simultaneously, follow the following process– 

Step 1- Firstly, open the Discord desktop on your website on the computer.

Step 2- Head on over to your profile symbol and choose the switch accounts option.

Step 3- Select the accounts you have previously logged into. 

Step 4- Now you can change back from these accounts by signing in on your PC or mobile.

Step 5- You can also add as many accounts by logging in with different email addresses or phone numbers if available.

How to log into multiple Discord accounts?

The answer is NO!

Discord doesn’t allow users to log in to multiple accounts. Not only does this recent version, but previous versions also blocked it. But since there are many users who want to use this possible way, we have just the right solution for you. Read the instructions carefully, to achieve the same- 

Step 1- Join or log in to your personal Discord server.

Step 2- Head on to your Discord’s homepage.

Step 3- Select the three-line option from your profile homepage, 

Step 4- Select the “switch account” option from the menu by selecting the three-line option on the profile homepage.

Step 5- Choose “add account” from the menu that appears after clicking “manage accounts.”

Step 6- Now, select if you would like to create a new Discord account or log in.

Step 7- Please use another email address or a phone number when signing up.

Step 8- Choose your login credentials, then log in.

Now,  you can alternately use multiple accounts hassle-free.


Can you have multiple discord accounts with one phone number?

No, Discord doesn’t allow you to sign in with one set of credentials on multiple accounts. If you need to access multiple accounts, you need to use another email id to create a second Discord account  

Is it against discord TOS to have multiple accounts?

Having numerous accounts is not prohibited by any Discord rules, if you have different credentials for each!

Can you use two accounts on Discord?

Yes, you can have two accounts on discord but with different sets of credentials.

How many Discord accounts can you have on one email?

For starters, Discord allows you to have only one account per email address.

End Note

Discord is indeed a pretty popular platform for all gamers and streamers. This app provides a ton of benefits, to say the least. But some problems, like making multiple accounts from one credential, hinder the ease of usability for users who are in need of multiple accounts. But that shouldn’t be a headache now, as you have discussed the easiest ways to have multiple accounts on Discord in no time.

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