How to Mr. Beast finger on the app download on Android phone

If you are also looking to know How to Mr. Beast finger on the app download on android phone. Then you are on the right place.

After the announcement by the famous Jimmy Donaldson “MrBeast” about his new Challenge game. Everyone is searching for that app and want to download it on their phone.

Android users want to know “Is finger on the app available on android (Playstore)”. Read this article, to know how to download apk Mr. Beast challenge game

Mr beast challenge app

App NameMr. Beast Game
Size15 MB

Mrbeast finger on the app on android

The game is not like other games. It is a money challenge game. You can earn 25$k amount if you won that challenge.

Game is launched by Mr.beast who is a famous Youtuber and has also done many giveaways before.

It is a one-time multiplayer game. Millions of players can play it simultaneously.

mrbeast challenge app android

To win the game amount, you have to put your finger longer on the screen than the other players.

The player who takes off the finger from the phone screen, at last, will be the winner. But the twist is the prize amount will fluctuate because other players will decide the amount for the winning player.

The amount can be between 1$ to 25000$.

mr beast app download android

So, what are you waiting for? Download finger on the app apk right now and win prize money.

finger on the app download android

Currently, the app is available for iOS users (iPhone users). iPhone users can download it from the apple store below I have shared a download link for apk.

Download iOS users

For android users, soon they can upload the game on Playstore. You Just need to little wait to download it on the play store.

As, after seeing, millions of Android users looking to download it in their android device.

Mr. Beast could soon announce the launch of Mr beast challenge app soon for an android device.

You can follow this article for further updates. We will update you after when download link is available for android.

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