Moj App belongs to which country (Short Video App by ShareChat)

Moj App downloads free now, which has been brought forward by Sharechat, will be the next Indian TikTok and has been able to acquire 50 thousand downloads in only two days.

It has a lot of short video-making features and a lot more – and the similarity with TikTok is just so stunning.

The language variation is something to look forward to, and it is going to be available in 15 languages. Gone are the days when you were sad about the TikTok ban, and now you can make similar videos on this platform. 

moj app by sharechat

Moj App is an android application that can be downloaded for free from the play store, and it is quite easy to operate. It is also having the features of a social media platform so that people can interact over here.

Today’s topic of discussion is going to be about the intricate detailing of the application, as well as the features that one can expect. 

Moj App By ShareChat

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Moj Apk has been induced by Share Chat, which comes under the supervision of Mohalla Tech Private Limited in the year 2015.

App Moj allows for amazing 15-second clips and a lot of beauty filters. The interface is quite cool and simple, so even the non-tech-savvy people will be able to handle the same. 

indian tiktok app

Indian TikTok apps

Moj Apk Features

tiktok alternative app

1. Short Videos- This is one of the best features that are quite similar to Tiktok. You can start from 15-second clips to 1-minute clips to make it engaging for the viewers.

Now you do not have to waste much time in making the videos fun! Download Moj Apk right now from the below link. If you are really good at making lip-syncing videos.

2. Special effects- Does your normal camera video seem dull? Now with the help of special effects, you will be able to add some magic to the video. Not only that, but you can even change them in a single video to bring out an enhanced effect with Moj App. 

3. Stickers and emoticons- Who does not want an added dose of stickers in their video? The more you put, the more is the number of likes and shares. You just have to be a bit creative, and you will be good to go. 

4. Easy to download videos- Now you can download and watch videos without wasting your data without any hassles at all. Save your favorite videos and keep on watching them on a loop!

It is true that there is not going to be any English support on the application, but there are 15 languages to choose from. It has been able to cross 50 lakh downloads in the last two years, and that is an amazing step towards the elimination of Chinese apps.

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Note: If you want to remove Chinese apps from your phone. Use the tool shared below.


Moj App belongs to which country?

Moj App is made by Indian Country Developers. The owner of this is Indian.

Who is the Moj app owner?

Moj App Owner belongs to India. And this android app is developed by Sharechat.

What are the Tiktok alternatives?

Moj App, Tna Tan App, Litlot app, Roposo app are some of the Indian Tiktok apps and alternatives of Chinese Tiktok.


To wrap things up, we would say that the elimination of 59 Chinese applications in total has brought about a revolution in the Indian application segment.

Moj App is quite similar to the other applications like the Tna Tan app and the Roposo app, and there are not going to be any security concerns as well.

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