Can I use mobile fingerprint scanner for jeevan pramaan?

Fingerprint scanner for Jeevan Praman

fingerprint scanner for jeevan pramaan yojana

Jeevan Praman is a digital service for the pensioners using biometrics. This provision is for all the pensioners belonging to the central, state or any other government organization. 

Millions of pensioners’ families are sustaining only on the income generated by pensions. 

Earlier , it was required by the pensioners to physically go to a Pension disbursing agencies or must have a life certificate delivered to the Pension disbursing agencies like banks, post offices etc, in order to obtain the pension. Once the person is physically​ present at the agency or delivers the life certificate at the disbursing agency, only then he is liable to get the pension credited in his account. This, in turn, was a cumbersome process clearly not liked by many. Also, they had to wait for their turn to get to the main desk.

This was not at all easy for the elderly people to travel this long at such an age. And after that, waiting for hours to get their number.

To overcome this problem, the government of India started an E program to obtain a Digital life certificate.

All the processes of securing pension have become online and the need to be physically present at the pension disbursing agencies is not required anymore.

All a person has to do is get his or her biometrics screenings done, be it a fingerprint scan or an iris scan with his or her aadhar card (must).

Key features

  • Everything is online.
  • Person need not to travel to the pension disbursing agencies.
  • Jeevan Praman is an online biometrics enabled program for pension seekers.
  • Hassle free.
  • The travel and logistics are not required.
  • Biometrics (fingerprint scanner and iris scanner) are used for the authentication of the person.

Key requirements

  • Aadhar card
  • Fingerprint or Iris scanning of the person for the authentication to be done.
  • Now, the person is eligible for taking the benefits of this online facility.

Many families are solely dependent upon the income of the pensions. In such a case, if the elderlies have to travel to a very far place just in order to get to a pension disbursing agency or deliver the life certificate issued by the authority where they served,  it creates a huge problem. Many pensioners can’t even afford to travel this long due to their health related problems or financial issues. In such a case, getting a Digital Life certificate is so beneficial for them. 

Also the Jeevan​ Praman scheme is for all the pensioners irrespective of their state or sector. All the pensioners are eligible to get this benefit. 

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