Mitron App Apk Details, Country, Reviews, How to use and Much More

Mitron App download link. It is a new social media platform. The app is similar to TikTok. You can share your videos on the Mitron app.

Explore more to know about the Mitron developer, owner name, Is Mitron app Indian, and much more.

Mitron App Details

App NameMitron
Owner NameNot Known Yet
Size7.2 MB
Current Version2.1
Ratings4.5 stars
Android Required5.1 and up

Mitron is a free short video sharing app, just like TikTok. It is an amazing app to share your videos. The main aim of this app is entertainment.

Mitron app apk

It is a good source of entertainment. You can make your videos by using amazing and wonderful features of this app.

How to Use the App?

The app is simple to use.

Just scroll up and down to watch short videos.

Mitron developer name

If You want to create your video then firstly you need to sign in. As shown below

Best video sharing apps

After signing in, click on the video button which is shown below.

Mitron app indian owner name

Record your video do editing and hit publish. That’s it

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How to Install and Download?

  • Click on Download Button
  • You will be redirected to the Download page.

Mitron App Apk Download.

Mitron which country

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28 thoughts on “Mitron App Apk Details, Country, Reviews, How to use and Much More”

  1. Try to improve the app like applying effects, colour change, symbols, graphics, plz soon there is searching prblm in this app.

  2. Hi Raj,

    Is it an Indian application? Please confirm

    If yes , this is the right time to fix the issues if any , it should work like Tik Tok…. If its works like Tik Tok then surely more than million people will download and use this application.. am going to download this application now. Thanks

    • Hi if it really Indian app I ll happy for that and thank you so much against tik tok, one thing I want to notice if we searched in Google about the app there is no history and it won’t show anything about official launch, owner, launch date, country, and more details, please can u officially launch this app and updated in Google…. Or any online website…..

  3. Hi Raj it is related & Developed by Indian if yes let me confirm……..As on date I have not uploaded the tiktok app due to it is a chinees related…..

  4. It’s too slow sir… If it’s definitely a Indian app so it’s high time to take place of tik Tok… So solve all the issue of that app…mitron….

  5. we Indians want join swadeshi revolution so plz develop fast as much as possible we r doubting how slow-developing ur app being digital experts

  6. Hi.. Yes it is very much an Indian app.. Developed by IIT alumni based in Bangalore. The app has some issues and we are totally aware of it. Please note that out team is working 24*7 to fix the issues as it is very new app and the team is very very small. We are putting our own money and resources. Rest assured with time, the whole set of features you find on tik tok will be available on mitron too. Tik tok took years to give all these features. With your support, and team’s hard work, we are sure Mitron will beat tik tok.

    However, this is the time we need the most support from across India. Have patience and keep using the app. And please share to your contacts about the app.

    Meanwhile, I promise, we will be working very very hard to give you a platform better than any Chinese app can.

    Made in India. With love.
    Namaskar ????

    • I am Indian and I believe you but there are some things which you have to fix first.
      1=privacy, my account username automatically change,
      2=comments are more than like.
      3=account login
      4=give all information about all apps.
      5 improvements in video uploading system.
      Thanks. I hoped that you fix all the bugs.

  7. Completely Fake…Developers and Owners are sitting in western countries and selling in it in name of Nationalism

  8. Hi All,

    In one day no one application is going to be perfect, we have to give them some time. we should start to use such applications and remove non-Indian app.


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