Miras app for Android/iOS? Complete Guide to use Miras app

Miras app covers the education of different age groups including kindergarten, school, college and University, alongwith informal and continuing education systems. The app brings together teachers, teams and students. Basically, a study platform, the Miras app can be used at any point in time whenever you are free.

How to Miras app download?

Miras app

Miras app needs to be downloaded from any of the third party appstores.

For Android apps, this is the process you need to follow.

  1. Go to your Android Settings>Security>check the box that allows you to download apps from unknown sources.
  2. Next, visit any third party appstore, and then after searching the app click on the download or inject tab.
  3. To verify you are a human, download a few more apps and then use them.
  4. Finally, the above process will download the app completely. Further, you need to install the app in your system.
  5. Once the installation process is complete, you can start using the app.

For iOS apps, trust the app source from your General Settings option while the rest of the process remains the same as above.

How to use Miras app?

Students can use the given links to complete their registration process with the college and the University.

  1. For Miras University, follow this link, and for Miras College, follow this link.
  2. If it is the app, then you can either register freshly with the app or you can use the browser login credentials even in the app.
  3. Further choose your course and fill up the online application.
  4. Pay the one-time application fee and complete the application process.


  1. Miras app is an education app that hosts several education courses through their university and college.
  2. It has an easy-to-use friendly interface.
  3. The app is a completely open-source platform, and you need not pay to download or use the app.


The app is reviewed by parents and teachers, as well as students. Overall people seem to be benefitting from the use of the app. Therefore, the reviews are good, and it shows people are liking the app. From our end, going by the user-friendliness of the app, we can safely give a good review of the app.


If you are right now in Russia and wish to pursue an education at your time and pace, you can join the Miras University or college but first read about it here.

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