How to apply for Metro Police application form 2022, Closing Date

What is Metro Police application forms 2022?

Metro police application is for the unemployed youth of South Africa. Those between the age range of 18 and 35 years can apply for the Metro police application. Under the Metro Police program, the youth are trained for managing road traffic and law enforcement.

This is meant for those youth groups who are athletic, have a proper direction of growth. But they have still not received any means of employment during these times.

How do I apply for Metro Police application form?

Metro Police application

Applying to the Metro Police application is not at all tough though it might cost you a bit. The organization uses SMSes to send Metro Police application forms.

  1. Simply dial 3302 after typing Metro to receive the application.
  2. You will have to answer 14 questions and each needs to be sent via SMS for which the charges will be R1.50 for every SMS.

What is the application Requirements?

Several requirements must be fulfilled to apply.

  1. A student must complete a driving ability assessment.
  2. Fingerprint and substance abuse checks need to be taken by the individual.
  3. Fitness and medical assessment need to be completed.
  4. Physical training per Firearms and Ammunitions has to be undertaken.


  1. The individual must have a code B driver’s license.
  2. Applicants cannot have a criminal background.
  3. They should just not appear fit but should be clinically fit.
  4. The applicants at least must have completed the 12th grade exams.
  5. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work under stress are a must for these jobs.
  6. The person must not have tattoos on his arm.
  7. They need to be Tshwane residents

Metro Police application closing date?

Like every year the deadline must be February 2022, however, the last dates are not yet announced.

What is Metro Police application Process?

  1. The Metro Police application form can be downloaded either from the given link or can be filled in via the SMS route mentioned above.
  2. Further selected applicants must complete the different tests before their eligibility is determined.
  3. Once they pass these tests their application is forwarded to the centralized office where the selected lists are mailed or sent service terms and invitations.


To conclude if you want to apply for the Metro Police application then you must read more about it here before proceeding.

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