MetaTrader 4 app for Pc, Android & iOS-How to USE?

For Android devices, Pc, iOS, the Metatrader 4 app is the ultimate platform for trading. Laden with trading history, charts for interaction, crucial technological analysis, and different trading apps that come together to form the MetaTrader app.

Through the app, you can also get connected to numerous brokers and traders in the currency market.

How to download MetaTrader 4 app?

metatrader 4 app download pc android

Metatrader 4 app is available in Google Playstore and Apple AppStore for downloads. 

GET on iOS

How to get MetaTrader 4 app for pc?

The Metatrader app for PC can be downloaded by following the below steps.

  • For downloading the Metatrader 4 files, you will need to run this link on your PC.
  • Acknowledging and reading the terms and conditions, then agreeing to them is important.
  • Choose the installation path if you have any specifications or default everything to usual.
  • Choose OK to run the installation process.

How to use MetaTrader 4 app?

To use the Metatrader 4 app, you will need to go through the below steps.

  • Download MT4 for your device. Login with your IG credentials everytime.
  • Click on the Tools from the order window and then click on the New Order tab.
  • Choose between the different types of trading, either go for instant execution, or pending orders.
  • Monitoring open positions and closing pending ones can be done by clicking View>terminal>trade options. 
  • Click on the red X sign to delete the order.
  • To modify any open option, open the terminal window, and then navigate to the trade icon, click on modify or delete order option.
  • Customize charts by drawing them, adding indicators and timeframes.
  • You can also set up price alerts and time frames using the Metatrader 4 application.

How to close all trades on MetaTrader 4 App?

To close all trades on the Meta trader 4 app, you will have to go through the below process.

  • Visit the Trade tab from the MT4 app.
  • The traders need to choose the close tab beside their orders denoted by the small cross sign.

You can further run the MQL4 close all orders which act as a panic button and close all positions immediately.

why is my MetaTrader 4 not working?

If Metatrader 4 is not working for you, try to look to the bottom right to find out if an invalid account or no connection intimation is flashing up. 

If you see them, then,

  • Attempt logging off and log-in again with your normal IG details.
  • If you use a live account, choose IG-Live from the server window or choose manually.


One of the most advanced tools for trading; the MetaTrader app is a wonderful instrument for those who engage in daily trading activities. Above is a brief of what all you can do with the app, go through them before plunging into the app.

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