How to Add or Remove Location Met Office Weather App?

What is the Met Office weather forecast app?

The Met office brings in the world’s latest weather forecasts, straight into your lap and palms.

Planning for a long drive, a vacation, an office tour, or a business meeting in a far-off city? Don’t you think you need to watch the one most unstable facet of Nature before you start?

Well, yes, you must! 

You need to know the weather of your place and the city you visit, for any extreme weather changes can disrupt your plans.

For the Met office app to work you will have to download it to your device, and then using it is as easy as any other app.

How to use met office weather app android ios

How to Met Office weather Forecast app Download on Android?

The app is available in Google Playstore and for installing it you must first search the app out and then click on the install button while you wait for the download and installation to happen.

For iOS/iPhone/iPad

The iPhone app is found in the Apple app store and all you have to do is get the app from the Apple app store. 

The app is just a search away and then a click away from the installation.

App Features

Features make an app-friendly and here are some features of this app that helps.

– Dark mode is possible with devices compatible with it.

– Switching is easily possible between hourly and daily timings for the favorite locations.

– Instant notifications for snow, storm, ice, fog, rain, and winds.

– Latest video weather forecasts.

– Severe weather warnings are issued now and then are intimated to everybody.

How to USE the App?

With the help of the app, you can do the following.

– Click on the + sign if you wish to search for a location and then save your favorite location.

– You can also type in the location name.

– One can easily switch off location services by clicking on the app settings.

– Additionally, to remove ads, you can pay 2.99 pounds from the app by choosing to remove ads from the settings section.

Click widgets, then touch and hold a widget. It will bring up images on the home screen.

– From the snapshot view, tap the location card to view the seven-day forecast from the location card. It brings up hourly forecasts for the first two days of the week and three-hourly forecasts from days 3-7.

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How to Remove Location from met office weather forecast app?

The Met app uses your location to give you the most accurate information about the weather. 

However, if you don’t want to show off your location, you can turn it off from the Settings tab of the Met office app and then disable the location.

Once you turn off the location settings your location information won’t be collected anymore by the app and the average estimated weather in and around the last location read would be shown.

You can also insert particular latitude or longitude or the name of a particular place to know the preferred weather conditions.

Met Office app weather symbols?

Several weather symbols include the crescent moon for a clear night, the shining sun for a sunny day, clouds for a partly cloudy symbol, and sunny intervals with sun and a peeping sun appearing.

  • For light rain, there is a cloud and a blue drop.
  • For heavy rain showers, there is a cloud and two blue drops.
  • For heavy rain showers with the sun at frequent intervals, there is a sun, a cloud, and two raindrops.
  • Snow would have snowflakes and clouds.
  • Heavy snow has grey clouds and snowflakes.
  • For thunderstorms, you will have sun, clouds, and an N representing the thunders.

App Cost

The app is free to use when downloading from both the Google Playstore and Apple app store.

There are no charges for using the app but there might be charges incurred by the mobile operator for the data you use. For the tariff plans, you need to check with your mobile operator.

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