Mckay Scholarship Application Eligbility & Requirements [2023]

For the improvement and growth of students from all nooks and corners of a particular nation, many governments have taken a step forward and curated a set of policies. These policies include scholarships, subsidies, and other schemes which can help a child with any difficulty continue to pursue their studies hassle-free.   

What is Mckay Scholarship about?

Mckay Scholarship Application

One such scholarship is the John M McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program which ensures that children with disability can attend a school, be it private or government-owned by their own choice and will. The Mckay scholarship has proved to be a great initiative by the government of Florida since it has accelerated the admission process. Since its inception in 1999, it has fueled many success stories and helped children and their parents see a ray of hope.

One such instance: Bobby is a student with Cerebral Palsy whose mother wrote that now he has a future! Ivana is the star of her school and is curious about everything. There are thousands others like Bobby & Ivana fulfilling their dreams through this initiative.

Who is eligible for Mckay Scholarship?

The students who face dread serious challenges like children who suffer from intellectual disabilities which comprise a language or a speech or vocal impairment, a hearing impairment – be it deafness or mild hearing loss,  a visual or dual sensory impairment, and the like. Also, children who are suffering from down syndrome, autism, etc are also eligible. 

Besides these, an orthopedic impairment, behavioral disorder, or learning such as dyslexia or understanding disorder are also counted in.

Now, the eligibility criteria for McKay scholarship-

  •        Must have enrolled in a public school program for 1 year
  •         Must be a rising kindergarten
  •         Must have an IEP or 504 plan
  •         Should be atleast 5 years old.

Once these are filled, the Mckay administrator will have 30 days to check whether your candidate is eligible or not, and proceed accordingly

How to apply for Mckay scholarship application 2022?

Students who are eligible can apply by visiting the site and filling up the application form.

Firstly, click on the parent second under the Mckay scholarship tab

Then, proceed to the application form.

Fill in the basic information of the candidate as asked. Once done, you will receive an email confirming the submission of your application and be asked about the area you live in. Do as said and you are good to go.

What are application requirements for Mckay Scholarship?

All the documents that are legal and abide by the eligibility criteria are needed for the application. This is needed to prove that the statements made are authorized and legit.


How to check Mckay’s scholarship status?

To check the application status of the Mckay Scholarship, visit and go to the “Check Intent Status” page under the Mckay Scholarship Tab. Enter the confirmation number sent in the email and you will see the status.

How much does the Mckay Scholarship pay?

Calculations on what amount is to be paid are made based on the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan. For the record, it does not assure the coverage of all tuition or school fees.

Is the Mckay scholarship based on income?

No, it is not at all based on the income of the family. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria, as discussed above, is good to apply.

Does McKay’s scholarship pay for college?

Mckay Scholarship is mainly for the differently-abled children who want to study in private or public schools of their choice.

The Mckay scholarship is for all in need and as said – kindness is the ultimate emotion.


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