Mavis Hub QR Code Sign Up Free [How to Use]

What is Mavis hub QR code Android?

In order to download the Axie Infinity Alpha, an individual needs to download and log into it from Windows as well as Android. To get the game through the Axie Infinity Alpha, you have to go to the download site and choose the platforms. Then you have to use the direct download links.

Mavis Hub is Axie Infinity’s download environment for Windows OS and macOS. This will help you to launch Axie Infinity games and also allow you to read “The Lunacian,” which is the official newsletter of Axie Infinity.

how to Mavis Hub QR Code Sign up

How to mavis hub QR code download?

Mavis Hub is Axie Infinity’s download app for a desktop environment like Windows OS and macOS. Once you click the link here and download the Mavis Hub install file, you can then unzip it and download the app.

You have to choose the Mavis Hub setup file and run it. After the installation is done, you have to sign in with the email and password assigned to you by the ABR team. Now Follow the below-given steps to generate the QR code. After that, Open the phone camera and click the photo of the code. You can scan the captured image that is saved in your gallery. There is no other way to download it.

For Android, you can download the Community Alpha and select the relevant files for download. You have to enable permission to install files from unknown sources of your Android phone settings. 

How to use and sign up mavis hub QR code free?

You can download the app and create an account. For signing in, you have to provide the QR code.

  • You need to choose the option “Scan QR Code.” For this, you need to follow the below steps.
  • You have to open the Mavis Hub app on your PC and then choose the “settings” button in the “lower-left corner” of the screen.
mavis hub code
  • Now tap on “Show QR Code”. This will generate the QR code.
  • Once you launch the QR code on the screen, you can scan it through the mobile application.


Mavis Hub is for desktop downloads both Windows and macOS. It is easy to use and user-friendly. It also supports mobile downloads on both Android and iOS. It helps to get the QR code for Axie Infinity Dashboard.

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