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Manuela Escobar is the daughter of Pablo Escobar. Pablo was the Columbian drug dealer. He was the most wanted narco-terrorist of United States. He was killed in an encounter by a US police when Manuela was only 9 years old.

But after the death of Manuela Escobar father, the family has faced many problems. Because they started getting life threats from different mafias.

manuela escobar wiki

Then they decided to leave Columbia but no country was ready to open doors for them. There are many problems which Manuela and her family had faced. Read more to know everything about her.

Manuela Escobar Wiki/Bio

Manuela Escobar was brought up with lots of problems. She is the only daughter of Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria. Pablo loves his daughter so much that he once aborted his third child. This is Because he believes that after the third child, Maria may not love his daughter more.

Manuela escobar daughter of pablo escobar
Manuela Escobar daughter of Pablo Escobar

Pablo kept her daughter as a Princess. He can do anything for his daughter. But Manuela had faced many things in her life. Due to his father’s works, she is known as the daughter of Narco-Terrorist.

Net worth

The Pablo Escobar has a net worth of 30$ billion in the 1990s. But after the death of Pablo, the Columbian police has taken everything from them.

Where is Manuela Escobar today?

As I told you, Pablo Escobar’s family had faced many problems after Pablo’s death. They started getting life threats from various mafias around the world. They were not getting what to do now. The family got frightened and in the end, they decided to leave Columbia.

But their problem did not end here. Because no country was ready to accept them due to the family’s criminal records. They started moving from one country to another which had risked their life more.

Pablo Escobar and his wife Maria

And at last, the Columbian Government decided to change their identities. So that, they can move freely and live peacefully. At last, they settled in Buenos Aires (The largest city of Argentina) finally.

Manuela loves her father so much and also misses him. She always keeps the memories of his father with her. The life of the family was going smooth in Argentina. Manuela started having her school education with her sibling.

But this normal life did not last so long for Manuela. Because the Argentina police arrested her mother and sibling because of keeping the fake identities and money laundering. Manuela was not arrested because she was minor at that time.

Family Details

  • Father’s Name:- Pablo Escobar
  • Mother’s Name:- Maria Victoria
  • Brother’s Name:- Juan Pablo Escobar
  • Father Died on:- 2, December 1993

Manuela Escobar’s is the daughter of Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria. Both her parents have criminal records.

Manuela has one elder brother also. His name is Juan Pablo Escobar. Since because of Manuela’s father criminal records the family has faced many problems.

Manuela escobar family
Manuela Escobar’s family

The family had survived in a bomb blast when Manuela was only 3 years old. The enemies had targeted the Pablo Escobar but luckily the family survived. The incident took place on the 13th of January in 1988.

But how much the Pablo could run from all the Columbian Police Force. And in the end, he was shot dead in an encounter which took place on 2nd of December, 1993 by Columbian Police.

Affairs/Husband Details

There are no details about her husband and affairs yet.

Educational Life

She did her schooling from Argentina with her sibling

Weirdest thing Pablo Escobar did for her daughter

Once the Pablo Escobar was hiding out with his family in the Medellin Mountainside, where Manuela Escobar got sick. Pablo needs to keep her warm so that Manuela can survive. So Pablo decided to burn 2 million dollars of notes to save Manuela from Hypothermia.

Pablo was a loving and caring guy. He could go to any extent to protect his family. He was the best father and the husband. Pablo was the world’s richest person in 1990s. He had millions of dollars. His family is still eating what he had earned at that time.

Once Manuela told his father that she wanted a Unicorn. Obviously, it is impossible to bring something which even doesn’t exist. So, Pablo decided to make the unicorn himself. He ordered the white horse and the workers who work for him brought a white horse.

Then they decided to staple the horn on the head of horse and wings on its back. Then after some time, the horse died because of infection.

Changed Names of Manuela Escobar’s Family

As I told you the Columbian Govt. decided to change the identities of Pablo’s family. So that the tag of the criminal family can be removed.

The Columbian Govt. changed the name of Manuela Escobar to Juana Manuela Santos Marroquin and Juan Pablo Escobar’s name changed to Sebastian Marroquin.

The new name of her mother was not yet known to us. If you know it then you can let us know through your comment. After that, we will update our post.


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