How to make EFT payment with Capitec App (Complete Guide)?

EFT payments are electronic fund transfers that are done with a computerized network. The Electronic Fund Act was passed by the U.S. in 1978. With this, a payment is made easily between one account to another using computers. This is quite useful for businesses as well as individuals as there is no need to use cheques or deposit cash in another person’s account. It saves a lot of time and is also a safe way to make transactions. 

There are numerous types of EFT payments such as:

  • Direct Deposits: If a person is making a payment online to his/her employees then they are making an EFT payment. To make the payment a person should have the banking details such as bank routing number and account number of the person. 
  • Debit Card Transactions: Whenever a person makes a payment at the store there is an option available that is the debit card so this is basically an EFT payment.
  • ATM Transactions: A person who is using an ATM to take cash out or transfer funds from one account to another or even make a deposit then it is an EFT payment. 
  • Vendor Payment: An individual can make an EFT payment to pay their vendors. To make this payment a person requires the banking information of the vendor. In this method, an ACH system is used for making payment. 

What is the difference between direct deposit and EFT?

Direct deposits are pre-arranged and can be directly deposited to any other person’s account on a scheduled basis. To make repeated payments to their employees, a person does direct deposits.

EFT means electronic fund transfer payments are made with the debit or credit card of a person. This is basically used for making online purchases, paying bills, and also to make payments from one account to another.

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How Instant EFT Works?

There are instant EFT payments that can be completed in a fraction of a second. These are also called real-time payments and are deposited directly to the recipient’s bank account. The RTP network used for this service is almost the same as the ACH network. 

However, other than real-time payments, other payments can be made relatively quickly and are done in around one to four business days. Although, the payments that are made on Friday are processed on the next working day which is on Monday. 

Can Capitec make EFT payments?

EFT payments are made from one bank to another with the use of computers. This is a time saver when a person wants to make instant transfers from one account to another. EFT payments are made along with Capitec. A person can use their Global One Card that is available at Capitec so that they can make payments easily with the help of a credit card at the time of checkout. 

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How to make an EFT payment with the capitec app?

It is vital that the person’s account is registered for online shopping. In case this is not done it’s better to visit the nearest brand for assistance. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Once the person is ready then they will be directed to PayFast’s secure payment page. 
  • Now, tap on the EFT payment method. 
  • Further, once the option of the EFT is chosen then the person will be directed to the bank(Capitec). Next, add all the credentials.
  • Moving ahead, choose the bank account from which the person wants to make the payment and tap on the play button to make the instant EFT payment. 
  • In addition to this, to finish the transaction, a person has to confirm the option of payment and add a one-time password. 
  • A message will be received and add that number to finish the transaction.
  • Once the payment is verified by the EFT, a notification about the payment will be received. The payment is made instantly and there is no waiting period for this type of payment.

What information is needed for EFT payment?

If a person is making an EFT payment card then the person should have the information about the recipient’s bank account, name, institution, or routing number. These are the basic details that are a must to make an EFT payment. 


Are EFT payments safe?

When compared to traditional payments, EDT is regarded as a safe payment option. Moreover, when it comes to the best feature of EFT, one of them is the security that is provided by them when making a transaction.

Are EFT transfers free?

A small fee is charged for making Electronic fund transfers when there are large amounts of payments.

How long does an EFT payment take to reflect on Capitec?

In most cases, an EFT payment that is done on Capitec appears in approximately 24 to 72 hours of time. If there are holidays or weekends then the time duration might increase.

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