How to register for makatizen application form online?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 06:21 pm

With the Makati app in place, you can easily access more information about the Makati City Government. One could also go through other online resources present in the mobile app like cashless transactions, unified ID, and many other features. You can get the latest information about the different projects of Makati and also the Maka Gimik page from here.

Maka shopping from the merchants who partnered with them is possible with the help of the app. With Maka Negosyo, you can find out the way one can open a business in Makati.

makatizen application form online

The app also gives you access to the Economic Relief Program of the Philippines. It has been allotted a fund of P2.7 million as a relief package. People above the age of 18 years would be eligible to apply.

To get the benefits, Makati people are supposed to be registered as Makatizen cardholders and yellow cardholders under MHP. One could alternately be a Makati city voter to be eligible for the benefits.

How to get makatizen application form online?

  • If you’re planning to apply for the Makatizen online application form, you will need to visit the Official Website.
  • You need to click the P5K-MAKA Tulong tab inside it.
  • After you click it, click on the Makatizen online application form. Fill up the form.
  • When submitting it, you will need to attach an image of a government-issued ID card.

How to register for makatizen application form online?

There are three ways to go into the Makatizen registration for the Economic Relief Program – through the mobile device, the web portal, and also if you submit the application form physically.

If you wish to fill the form online, you will have to do the following things.

  • Visit
  • To fill the economic relief fund form, you will have to fill in the application details.
  • Send the Makatizen online application form and attach a photo of your valid government ID card with the form.


For doing the Makatizen application form online registration, you need to provide the birth/marriage certificate, original and a photocopy of the Barangay clearance, and one valid government card along with one photo.

How to makatizen app download?

The Makatizen app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and Apple appstore.

Simply install the app from the Playstore on your device.

You can also get it from the Apple appstore and you might either have to enter the passcode or fingerprint the device.

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