Main Bhi Ardhangini Serial Cast Name, Roles, Schedule, Timing, Promos

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Main Bhi Ardhangini is an upcoming serial on &Tv Channel. It is a Hindi television serial. And is going to release on Jan 21, 2019. Moreover, The promo of the serial is already launched.

The serial will be full of entertainment and romance. Read more to know the story and cast of the serial.

Main Bhi Ardhangini serial cast name


  • Produce By:- Not known
  • Directed By:- Not known
  • Language:- Hindi

Cast Real Name

  1. Avinash Sachdev
  2. Aditi Rawat
  3. Anjali Priya
  4. Deepshika Nagpal

Main Bhi Ardhangini Serial Cast Role

Avinash Sachdev as Madhav

Avinash sachdev Main Bhi Ardhangini

Aditi Rawat As Vaidehi

Aditi Rawat Main bhi ardhangini

Anjali Priya as Chitra

Deepshika Nagpal

Deepshika Nagpal Main bhi ardhangini


The serial shows the story of a husband and a wife. It shows the strong love of a wife for her husband. Madhav marries the best friend of his wife after the death of Chitra (Anjali).

Aditi (Vaidehi) who is playing the role of the Second wife of Avinash (Madhav) loves her husband desperately. But in return, Aditi (Vaidehi) doesn’t get back the same love from him. This is because Madhav loves his first wife so much. And he doesn’t like anyone to come in her place.

But still, Aditi loves him without thinking about any profit. She tries every possible way to keep her husband happy.

Moreover, the serial shows that spirit of Madhav’s first wife always protects him. She protects him from any upcoming dangers and problems.

It is a beautiful story that shows the strong love of a husband and wife.


The serial will telecast at 9:30 P.M. on &TV Channel.


You can watch the serial from Monday to Friday every week.


The promos of serial are already launched. People are excited about the serial. They liked the promos and the story of the serial. In fact, they are eagerly waiting for it to telecast.

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