M1 Remit App Promo Code [2022] Online Remittance Singapore

Last updated on February 17th, 2022 at 10:49 am

If you are looking for a remittance solution in Singapore then M1 Remit app is one of the best options for you. Now, transfer money to your family, friends, etc from Singapore to overseas with your mobile phone securely in the best forex rates.

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Also, get to know about M1 Remit promo codes, voucher codes, promotion, FAQ, reviews, and best offers.

What is M1 Remit?

m1 remit app singapore

M1 Remit App is the best online remittance app in Singapore. Now, transfer money to your family, friends, etc from Singapore to other countries like India, Philippines, Malaysia in reasonable forex rates.

Also, it offers you to pay your bills and loans, etc.

You can easily check the daily forex rates and service charges.

The payment will be totally secure and convenient. Service charges will be very low. It is the best remittance solution in Singapore.

Easily, you can pay with AXS Stations.


1. Transfer Money Securely and conveniently from your mobile phone

2. Send or Transfer Money to your family in overseas countries like Australia, Philippines, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc.

3. M1 Remit is a trustworthy app and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

4. Easy to Use and Manage your account on M1 Remit

5. Keeps the track of your online transactions

6. Pay conveniently with AXS m-Station or AXS Stations.

7. Not limited to Sending money, you can also pay your bills or loans, etc.

8. Check Daily Forex or Service Rates on Dashboard

How To Use

  • Sign UP
best remittance forex rates
  • Verify Yourself
money transfer singapore to overseas
  • Retrieve Information
remmittance app
  • Remit
transfer money from singapore
  • Pay
online remmittance app singapore

Promo Code

If you are using this app, and want to get extra benefits then do promotion or invite your friends and family with your promo code or voucher code and Enjoy the best offers for both of you.

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m1 remit app singapore


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