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Lumenate app psychedelic is planning to make subconscious explorations available more easily than ever beforeThe group has put up intensive research together with exhaustive rounds of interviewing asking people questions about happiness from Canada to Chile and also along the whole length of New Zealand.

Lumenate app psychedelic brings to you a meditation app that has been developed through research and analysis of the various meditative techniques available to humankind. The researchers are fully backed by Dr Ben Sessa, co-founder & researcher at Bristol University and Imperial College.

Usually, through guided meditation, hypnagogia, lucid dreaming, sensory deprivations, use of psychedelics, through shamanic trances & altered trance states achieved through dancing (like the Sufi dance trance) an individual is trying to achieve the following;

  • – Decreased peak alpha neural rhythms
  • – Reduced default mode activity
  • – Increased complexity of signals & functional connectivity.

Luminate members tried investigating more ways in which these above-mentioned conditions could be achieved and one way of achieving it, was found through the use of a flashlight.

lumenate meditation app price reviews

One could fire a set of neurons generating a response to that particular light. It was also found if the flashing was done rhythmically, it could train the mind to set up a neural rhythm which could make the mind achieve the above-mentioned state.

The achieved state could be dropped as soon as the flashlights were removed.

With the help of an EEG (Electroencephalogram) scanner, they compared the effect of their flashlight experiment to the use of classic psychedelics, and also with an elevated meditation level.

The results were found to be very similar to each other and they are even planning to compare it with the fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging).

Lumenate Psychedelic App Features

Different important features of the Lumenate app meditation can help elevate your brain activity to the next level.

->> It is absolutely accessible from every corner of the world.

->> It is highly impactful as it guides users through powerful subconscious memory retrieving through the achievement of altered states of consciousness.

->> It is an effortless app to use, highly user-friendly, the app can be used without any or a little guidance by anyone.

->> Programs are not time-consuming & can be instantaneously completed making them accessible even to busy people with tight schedules.

->> Complete control rests with you and thus you can modulate the intensity by turning the flash away instantly.

Once you upgrade to the Pro-Versions, you can enjoy additional features which include,

->> Setting your intentions and integrating your intentional elements within your sessions quite effectively thus helping you achieve your goals.

->> Guided sessions also include sleep sessions that can be used for more fuller and complete experiences.

->> A journal present can be used to capture those meaningful moments which can help you further in the journey.

->> Available even offline for those who cannot or do not prefer being online 24/7.

But the app is not for those 18 years and below. Additionally, patients suffering from juvenile myoclonic or photosensitive epilepsy are not supposed to use the app.

How much Lumenate app price/cost?

The Lumenate app cost is $6.99 for a month or $39.99 for an annual subscription. But, if you are interested in using this app yet cannot afford the price, you can always write back to the Lumenate team at the given email ID and they would provide completely free access for you.

[email protected]

Lumenate meditation app review?

The app is acknowledged already by many and has received grants from some good investors. On Google Playstore, Lumenate app reviews show a 4-star rating and on Appstore, Lumenate reviews have a 4+ rating.

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