How to Install and Use Luca App RLP [Guide 2024]?

What is the Luca app RLP?

Luca RLP app is a digital contact tracking app that is supposedly benefitting the people as it is directly connected to the health authorities. The app promotes secure and completely encrypted data transmission. The app is designed to detect seamless tracking chains of infection. It is simple and easy to use for even guests.  

How to download Luca app rlp?

Download Luca App RLP Contact Tracking app

The Luca app rlp can be downloaded easily from the Google Playstore and the Apple app store.

  • Simply type the app’s name in the search bar.
  • Then click on the Install button or the Get button.

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How to use Luca App RLP?

Luca app rlp allows easy documentation of guests at a party or event.

  • The location feature of the app has to be enabled and the phone needs to be connected to your GPS.
  • Once you’ve signed up in the app, you will have to keep it running to keep the location switch on.
  • Enable location services and also try to access the full network.
  • Luca app will auto-locate your location and automatically draft your movements.

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Luca app features include,

  • Luca app brings up tips on how one can remain safe in these trying times.
  • A possible contract that is safe or unsafe for you would be mentioned.
  • Luca app helps in contact tracing with businesses.
  • The data from the app can be viewed only by healthcare professionals and by no one.


Reviews are quite good for Luca app rlp. All three parties are seemingly enjoying the app and most people are leaving good reviews about it.

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